Guess how this turned out? CA DMV tries to improve wait times & thousands left without driver’s licenses

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Tax dollars at work.

From SF Gate: It appears the California Department of Motor Vehicles is, yet again, trying to clean up after itself.

The Sacramento Bee uncovered one possible reason why thousands of Californians have yet to receive a driver’s license in the mail, months after attempting to renew them. It comes down to a glitch in the DMV’s system.

Here’s what went wrong, according to the paper: Normally the DMV sends out renewal notices 115 days before customers’ driver’s licenses are set to expire. But to try and get ahead of the game, with long lines already plaguing DMV offices statewide, they began sending the notices out even earlier, from 120 to 150 days in advance of the expiration date.

Now, those who didn’t want to procrastinate and immediately paid online or by mail, are the ones who may be in trouble.

The problem is the DMV wasn’t prepared to process those early renewals. So even though payments may have been processed, there’s no record of them in the DMV system. Now, many customers are left without a license, even after their expiration date has passed.

Only those whose driver’s licenses expire Feb. 25 or earlier would be affected, The Bee reported. The system glitch was limited to those who tried to renew between November and January.

A department spokesperson told the Bee that the mistake may have affected tens of thousands of people, and the DMV was “working to contact the customers impacted and issue their driver license by mail as soon as possible.”

The DMV did not immediately respond to SFGATE’s request for comment on the mix-up.

Late last year, the DMV confirmed it issued 2.3 million Real ID cards that didn’t meet federal government standards; instead of requiring two documents to prove residency, the DMV was only asking for one. In the agency’s defense, the Department of Homeland Security had originally said that one document was adequate, then later changed course.

The change requiring two documents proving residency will be implemented starting in the spring.

Read the whole story here.


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7 responses to “Guess how this turned out? CA DMV tries to improve wait times & thousands left without driver’s licenses

  1. Another way to cut waiting times in line, would be to revoke sanctuary state status, and deport all the illegal aliens, but that’s just me.

    • No kidding. Was wondering if it wasn’t all the illegals applying for licenses that created the delay, and the computer glitch is a cover story.

  2. I used to write software for a living. I did it in the big-time, real world of downtown NYC below Wall Street.
    When I was in (commercial, six month, intensive) school I was taught the the most important and difficult applications that I would write would be data-entry applications. Besides having to make sure that the application handles the input data correctly, you have to make sure it was the correct data and that meant that you have to anticipate every dopey, half-a$$ed mistake that the (generally) minimum wage user could make and have the code there to catch it.
    This sounds like someone changed an allowable date range in one application but not in another. I once worked with a peace-loving, socialist, comradely Russian programmer who produced a similar situation. His attitude was, that if he was told to change something, he would change the something and look no further. “Not my job” said he. My personal opinion of Russkies is that they don’t belong around anything more technically sophisticated than the two crude hand tools that used to be on their flag.
    And while I’m at it, I think that a lot of software was written with the (partial) intent of producing something that would visually impress a purchasing agent rather than the person who has to use it all day.
    Here endeth the rant.

    • In my last year of high school I had already completed all my courses for graduation and they asked if I wanted to join a prototype program at UC Davis for the “new-fangled” computer industry.

      I received college credit for attending classes all day on COBAL and FORTRAN and punching holes in paper tape and IBM cards. We wrote programs for many purposes. At night I got a job staring at machines and hard-wiring collators and sorters.

      After about three years of this I look left and right and decided that if I continued I would probably lose my mind. So, I switched majors and never looked back. But, I can definitely relate to what you just said.

  3. Unicorn Fart Powered Ocean Trains

    I bet the future democrat voters all got their licenses on time.
    If they didn’t they could use the Cheech Marin line, isn’t it on the back of the car officer.
    The Glorious People’s Republik of Kalifornia still can’t over the fact that the rest of the country doesn’t want to be Mexico North.

  4. The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’
    – Ronald Reagan

  5. To be fair, however, isn’t this originally a Dept of Hoeland Insecurity problem? What we have here looks to me to be the usual horseshit & tea leaves (h&tl) effect doubled down.


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