CA Catholic church to install hideous 40-ft $2M statue of Mary to welcome illegal border-crossers and refugees

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The Catholic Church is a fifth column that actively works to undermine the United States from within.

Simply put, illegal “immigration” is against the law. But the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on the US-Mexico border in San Ysidro, California, plans to install a hideous 40-ft. statue of Mary, the mother of Jesus, “as a symbol intended to welcome immigrants and refugees headed to the U.S.”.

The San Diego Union Tribune reports that the statue, named “Welcome the Stranger”, is designed by artist Jim Bliesner who says the statue is inspired by Mary, who had fled with her family to Egypt as a refugee soon after the birth of Jesus, and that “it will stand as a beacon of hope and encouragement for people engaged in the struggle of the migrant.”

The $2 million statue will go up on the hilltop parking lot of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. The project is spearheaded by nonprofit San Diego Organizing Project, and already has $1 million from the California Endowment, a private health foundation. On October 5, “community members” convened to kick off a crowdfunding campaign to raise another $1 million to build the statue by early 2019.

Bishop Robert McElroy, of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego, said the monument and its location will send a strong message about the border: “It is a symbol and powerful reminder that for us, for us as people of faith, for us as America, the border represents not a line of separation, but a line that unites us to Latin America.”

McElroy said the statue will be a reminder that the U.S. is a nation of immigrants who contributed to “help build America.” It also will represent hope for a brighter future for the waves of immigrants and refuges who one day will begin “an arduous journey” to the U.S.

In a 2017 interview with America: The Jesuit Review, the Catholic magazine that withdrew its endorsement of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, McElroy said “in the Diocese of San Diego we have 200,000 Catholics who are undocumented. We simply can’t stand by and watch them get deported.”

According to Church Militant, Bishop McElroy was told of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s sexual predation as early as July 2016, but remained silent.

Richard Sipe, the renowned expert in clerical sex abuse who passed away on August 10, 2018, published his private correspondence with McElroy proving that the bishop had been made aware of McCarrick’s sexual harassment of seminarians.

In a letter dated July 28, 2016, which was “hand delivered” to Bishop McElroy on August 30, Sipe wrote:

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has been reported by numerous seminarians and priests of sexual advances and activity. A settlement with one priest was effected by Stephen Rubino, Esq….

Priests or seminarians who speak up about a sexually active superior are threatened with the loss of everything — employment, status, etc. Those who report are greeted with disbelief or even derision if they know but were not personally involved. If they were a partner in the sexual activity and “come out” they become a pariah and labeled a traitor.

I have interviewed twelve seminarians and priests who attest to propositions, harassment, or sex with McCarrick, who has stated, “I do not like to sleep alone.”

One priest incardinated in McCarrick’s Archdiocese of Newark was taken to bed for sex and was told, “this is how priests do it in the U.S.” None so far has found the ability to speak openly at the risk of reputation and retaliation.

The system protects its impenetrability with intimidation, secrecy and threat. Clergy and laity are complicit.

In spite of these detailed allegations about McCarrick’s homosexual predation, McElroy said and did nothing, offering no response to Sipe.



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34 responses to “CA Catholic church to install hideous 40-ft $2M statue of Mary to welcome illegal border-crossers and refugees

  1. Kelleigh Nelson

    Oh my heavens…what is wrong with these people!

    • They are Godless. The statue makes a mockery of the mother of Jesus and it is an example of idol worship anyway. My guess is that they are actively recruiting new victims.

    • Kelleigh Nelson . . . One is left to question the motives of a “private health foundation” for putting up the first one million dollars. Obviously, on their part this is not a “religious” endeavor . . . perhaps they wish to swell the numbers of those who are participants in health services, or they feel this somehow fosters better mental health in the illegals, but HOW ABOUT THE MENTAL HEALTH OF THE REST OF US, WHO ARE LEFT TO PAY THE BILLS OF THE ILLEGALS?

    • I think it looks like Kamala Harris.

  2. Possibly that hideous thing might keep some illegals from entering the U.S.

  3. i’m supposing the artist that designed this is gay…also, mary is an idol…if they were going to erect anything, it should be a statue of Christ

  4. I kind of agree with Robert McElroy on this statement:

    “We simply can’t stand by and watch them get deported.”

    We need to stop them before they ever enter our borders in the first place. Build the wall! Then send them all back home!

  5. Not a Catholic but I’m shocked by that picture. The Catholic Church, renowned for its magnificent religious artwork, now relies upon 3rd rate Picassos with no taste? I’m more surprised by their sudden desire to transform political issues into reglious ones. An alien has a right to sanctuary and humane treatment but, in return, they have an obligation to present themselves as moral individuals. This wave of ‘immigrants’ do not fit that criteria. No such thing as a half right stance.

    • I agree with Mad Celt that two thousand years of Roman Catholic theology, morals, art, architecture, philosophy, sacred liturgy and music are being jettisoned by politically radical, homosexualist apostates in the clergy who retain just enough of the trappings of Catholicism to get away with betraying the Church while pretending to defend it. This connects the dots nicely with this stuffed shirt’s call for open borders, implied in his words above, undermining the United States from within, as well.

      Within the Church hierarchy we also see vicious attacks on the Scholastics as a stand in for metaphysics, and so for belief in the reality of the supernatural, which is only a few steps short of a Teilhardian assertion that physical matter is all there is—spirituality becomes strictly a higher-order function of molecules in motion. The connection being that all this no-borders one-worldism in the name of Christian charity is actually about achieving that materialist, ultra-collectivist mindset we see in current groupthink, such as the alarming attraction to “the people’s microphone” by activists on the left.

      There’ll be no wars all right, because, as Wendell Berry observed, there’ll be no countries, peoples, cultures, or religions to defend under jack-booted rule. Dostoyevsky’s Grand Inquisitor comes to mind, considering the evil capable of apostate clergy who decide they’ve got a better way.

  6. The Catholic Church has changed a lot since I was in school. No longer is it “one Catholic, apostolic” Church but a debased chimera of itself. Father Malachi Martin was right. Just read his novel “Windswept House.” As far as “welcoming all” even Christ said “many are called, but few are chosen.”

  7. I will repeat. The NGOs after Boston Bombing’s (Fraud & Felon) Darling HERO Carlos Arredondo was chosen to represent those south of the border. The land once owned by Mexico, is to be taken back by Mexico. It is the one plan. This is the reason for all the Pro-Immigration for the south of the border peoples. ALL mass movements require a HERO to follow. Lenin & Trotsky was Russia’s Jews HERO. We know how that worked out for Tsar Nicholas & his family in 1917-9, all shot in the basement thinking they were down there for better light & family photographs.

    The Catholic church was taken over by the TRIBE in 1930. It all started with Jewish Ignatius Loyola in early 1500s. I think 1532. It was always the plan to destroy the RCC. It takes a very long time, where the tribe plans goal might take 100 years to fulfill, they don’t care. Even Rockefeller’s “Scenarios for the Future” is their goals to meet 50-100 years from now.

    Vatican 2, made this very clear to devout Catholics, that the tribe took over the church. It led to many thousands of Catholics leaving the church in disgust of their once beloved RCC. It’s been downhill ever since 1960s. Pope Francis is a Jesuit, and an Argentinian Jew. When Francis was in Argentina going by his real name Jorge Bergoglio as a Catholic Bishop, he stood by and said nothing about the Genocide in Argentina.

  8. Miriam Williams

    SDOP is an affiliate of PICO, an Alinsky-style organization. This is how they operated, have operated for many years, gaining the trust of Bishops, priests and parishioners, disguised as an “interfaith” network. Yes, they may do some fine and commendable work, however by joining with them, people are duped into their leftist political stance. It is not obvious in many cases, but by doing a little research one can easily discern they are not in line with Catholic Social Teaching. Follow the Money! Stephanie Block has been documenting this for almost 20 years. See her short book, Organizing the Culture of Death: Using congregations for progressive politics through Alinskyian organizing, available at A 3-volume set is also available: Change Agents: Alinskyian Organizing Among Religious Bodies. Dissenting Catholics who want to change the Church from within are often leaders in these groups. Many are firmly imbedded and have captured a following, so they are nearly impossible to oust once they have earned the trust of a faction of parishioners.

  9. Surprised it wasnt a los muertos skeleton statue

  10. I’m familiar with San Ysidro and it’s a complete Mexican area of San Diego.
    It’s right next to the border and when one is in San Ysidro one would think they’re in Mexico, street vendors, and activities like Tiajuana.

  11. That thing looks like a pile of garbage….
    The old Irish homo priest is brown-nosing his all latrino congregation to keep his non-job…. It will be funny when they run him out anyway….

  12. I think we should give the builders the benefit of the doubt as to their intentions. Something that hideous CAN’T have been erected to encourage people to enter!

    (Sadly, I know in all seriousness that’s not true, but it would be hilarious if so, and in a way still is, since it probably creates the impression in illegal immigrants anyway. That thing is disgusting)

  13. The GO FUND me page hilariously states they want 5,995,000,00….
    The state of Coliformia supposedly put in the first million….

  14. Sadly like Edward I am very familiar with San Ysidro unfortunately the illegal and Mexican invasion doesn’t stop there it has infected all of San Diego and CA and spreading.
    I find it despicable that the church is flaunting our laws in our face. That statue is a slap in the face. I’m all for helping the poor but do it with your money and where they live. Stop using the tax payer money and stop for God’s sake saying “We are a nation of immigrants”.
    I am so sick of this bulls%&t marketing propaganda line that is parceled out to the sheeple to engender sympathy and acceptance. It’s a cover up for what is really happening.
    Immigrants of the past became Americans, spoke English and honored our CULTURE! There weren’t hyphenated Americans, waving the flags of their home country-refusing to integrate-it disgusts me.
    These people are dead set on the destruction of our America.

  15. Without expending too much time on this, the Church is not supposed to be “political”. Second, right now, with all the dirt from the Vatican on down, they should be doing a lot of soul searching and house cleaning.

    Frankie’s got to go. I don’t know why people can’t make the distinction between “legal” and “illegal” immigration. Who in their right mind could favor “illegal” anything?

    I really think this is just more of the continuing plot to destroy The Church that has been the prime directive since the beginning. They have their “pope” and he has the “lavender clergy”.

    This has to be rooted out like a disease.

  16. It is true that Our Lady was a refugee, but she and her family were never illegal immigrants. Nor were they potential terrorists. They left Nazareth for Bethlehem because of a census called for by the Roman Empire. While there they had to flee to Egypt because of the danger to Jesus’ life. It was only a temporary situation. They went home when the danger was over. They never travelled outside of the Roman Empire. It was similar to my own situation after Hurricane Katrina. I fled Mississippi and went to Florida until it was safe to return home. The Holy Family going to Egypt was like going from Mississippi to Florida not going from Mexico to the USA. Using Our Blessed Mother to excuse illegal immigrants breaking the law is political, not biblical or historical.

  17. We have witnessed Freemasonry infiltrate and subvert the Vatican just like they promised—over 140 years ago—it would.
    And with this, we see the culmination of Leninist and Trotskyite identity politics letting us know they’ve set up shop in the Church of the religion they detest. And they have discovered something: They have discovered that it’s “more fun” or more “profitable”—at least from the public relations and sexual release angles—to mock and twist and distort the One True Faith they DETEST rather than try to outright destroy it.

    And now this is happening: These DEMONS, along with what is left of a small faithful Remnant, are occupying the same physical and juridical space. Once whoever it is “flips the switch,” out go the Remnant and in come the Wedge Crowd—this time illegal aliens—to destroy whatever is left of Catholicism. At least that’s the Game Plan.

    Let’s control ourselves in our reaction of horror and remember One Thing: Jesus Christ IS NOT asleep at the switch. He Promised that the “Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it,” that He has never once lied or been mistaken yet, and that the Will of the Father SHALL PREVAIL.

    In the meantime, must we endure a statue that looks like it came from a House of Mirrors??? (Actually, that so-called “statue” resembles what the Second Vatican Council has done to Holy Mother Church—rendered it “post-modern.” It is a DISGRACE!)

    • I agree that: “Jesus Christ IS NOT asleep at the switch”, and the pope is not the Church. In fact I say that almost every day.

      I’m with Abp Vigano on this. This is not the first time the Church has been infiltrated. I will say that its pretty thorough at the moment. At least locally people are getting pretty fed up.

      In my diocese they are taking a collection for the retirement of priests and religious. The archbishop has had to promise that none of the money collected will go toward any settlements for sex abuse cases, etc.. Only retired priests and nuns.

      They have issued a couple of letters regarding the scandals. While the Church has endured similar things in the past, that doesn’t mean that the current curia has experienced that. They aren’t ALL corrupt. But they face a huge obstacle.

      I do know that they watch their pocket book. The faithful will keep the Church going while the hierarchy destroys itself. They should be thoroughly embarrassed.

  18. Why not a statue of the pope naked and bent over pulling his cheeks apart with a welcome sign pointing into his colon?

  19. I thought cultural Marxism was heretical.

    • Liberation Theology, which is part of Cultural Marxism, was rejected by Pope John Paul II, but embraced by the current fake pope Francis. Cultural Marxism is the Catholic Church’s “social justice” teaching, and embraced by liberal Catholic clergy and laity. That’s what makes them a Fifth Column.

  20. The Laodecian church of satan is wrong in so many ways, including spending $2 million for a statue.

    “Must Everyone Always Submit To The Governing Or Religious Authorities?”
    Oct 07, 2018 Read More Articles by George Lujack

  21. Where are they erecting this? On whose property? Here in CA, people have gone to court to make people take down crosses on public and private land, and won. How could this happen for an obvious religious expression/iconic figure to be built when symbols (including the Star of David) have been banished in places where they were set up in the 30’s and 40’s to honor American military sacrifice/dead—not people who are breaking the laws of our country with their first ACT upon crossing illegally? So…just wondering, if I find someone to take them to court to take it down….b/c it insults me and my religious and civic sensibilities/responsibilities…..will I win?

    • The statue will be installed on church property.

      • That’s one butt-ugly statue too. I thought homosexuals were supposed to have good taste.

        I was looking at a National Geographic magazine today that came out right after Franky was made Pope. He said he didn’t expect to stay in the job for more than five years. I guess he thought that was all he’d need to destroy the Church.

        I’ve gone from being mildly annoyed to not being able to stomach him.

      • CTA has a thick book of regulations on such displays….pretty much all lumped into the category of “advertising,” even if on private land, including, but not limited to how close they are to any public parks, public forests, public access roads, the size/height of the display, do they block the view of anything public/civic, etc….most religious displays on private lands that have been struck down by the court have been judged by these public measures….including, for instance, fairly small religious symbols on private land that have been there for 70-plus years…but are visible from an interstate highway, which, of course, was erected years and years after the original religious display…..It appears that this proposed giant Madonna is on private land, but well-enveloped by a busy site in San Diego? I’ll be interested to see if neighbors complain against it according to any CTA regulations, of which I’m sure there are more than a few in this case due to the size and location……But then, of course, as we find out in these cases, objections arise out of interest for or against the cause and/or religious affiliation…..or are ignored ditto.


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