By design: Fewer NYC high schoolers identify as heterosexual, some without a defined sexual orientation

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With the creation of multiple genders and a concept that gender/sexual orientation is “fluid,” it’s no wonder kids are more confused than ever.

From NY Post: The number of Big Apple high-school students identifying solely as heterosexual has plummeted as more teens describe themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual or without a defined sexual orientation, a new survey reveals.

Nearly one in four teens, 23.6 percent, now identify in categories other than straight — the highest level ever recorded, the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey has found.

The biennial school-based surveys are conducted by the city Health Department in concert with the federal Centers for Disease Control.

Surveyed students were asked, “Which of the following best describes you?”

More than three in four, 76.4 percent, said they were “heterosexual (straight),” 3.1 percent said “gay or lesbian,” 7.6 percent said “bisexual,” 3.8 percent said “not sure” and 9.1 percent said none of the choices accurately describes them.

The 2017 study marked the first time the last option was provided.

But it is clear that more students are identifying as homosexual or sexually fluid.

In the 2015 survey, 85 percent of student respondents identified as straight and 15 percent as gay, lesbian, bisexual or not sure. In 2007, 92 percent of students identified as straight and only 8 percent said they were lesbian, gay, bisexual or not sure.

One lawmaker said the data more accurately reflect the sexual orientation of young people as teens today more honestly describe their identity amid a lessening of discrimination.

“The stigma of being LGBTQ is gone,” said Queens Councilman Daniel Dromm, a former public-school teacher who is openly gay. “I don’t think it matters to young people. The students are more open than in my generation.”

“They are being more honest, and it’s a good thing that they’re being more honest.”

Dromm also noted that more young people are more fluid about their sexuality and are saying, “Don’t put me in a box.”

He said the results reminded him of the landmark 1948 sexual-behavior study by zoologist Alfred Kinsey and others that established the Kinsey Scale to rate people’s sexual orientation from exclusively straight to exclusively gay with gradations in between.

The survey’s assessment, Dromm said, will enable the city to better provide medical services and programs for LGBTQ youth.


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18 responses to “By design: Fewer NYC high schoolers identify as heterosexual, some without a defined sexual orientation

  1. For the life of me, I can’t even begin to know why, several years ago, came the Hate-America-Media and pop culture’s propaganda drive for “transgenders”. In terms of timing, the push did happen in the Obama administration, during which the U.S. had its first transvestite First “Lady”.

  2. Confusion and leftist mental illness do go hand and hand.

  3. On any boat I worked on the rivers or any ship on the oceans there would be a BIG problem… Anyone acting in any manner other than straight heterosexual male would find their ass flung overboard in a damn hurry…. It was something you just did not do… The crews were all male at the time and you kept your mind on your work… It never happened on a vessel I was on but I worked with a guy years ago that was on a ship that there was a “swimming lesson” given on…. To a man they swore that the guy just jumped over the side…. Shit happens…

  4. This just goes to show that not only have heterosexual relations been weaponized, but childhood itself has been weaponized, also. When gay activists who marched in the streets 30 years ago and chanted, “We’re coming after your children!” they weren’t kidding.
    Actually, it is the social engineers who have completed their long walk through the institutions—education foremost among them—who have masterminded this.

    And it all began with “tolerance.” Tolerate this. Now tolerate that. Tolerate people who are different from you. Long Story Short: TOLERATE WHAT WE ARE DOING TO YOU. And once the tolerance has established a stronghold in public policy, then the gaslighting begins!

    There IS and WAS a simple cure for this insanity. It is called the Christian religion with its Natural Law. There is even a textbook on it, and it’s called The Baltimore Catechism. But most Christians who had any semblance of Christianity left at all were following the Scofield Bible or some other drek.

    So now it comes down to this. As someone who has not taught since 1996, I can tell you that over 80% of the students (as a corporate whole) were sexually active then. Since then, I would well imagine that that number has not decreased, and, stories over the years have reported that they’re getting younger—before they’re teenagers. And Dromm is not the only one to blame here, either: I’m sure he was already brainwashed.

    This is yet another example of the EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS our Ruling Elites have weaponized upon us. Preach “tolerance” until it becomes “acceptance” and approval. Then move in and CONFUSE your prey. Then watch the children destroy themselves.
    Again, real Christians would have put up their dukes over this. They did when I was a boy.

  5. ” In terms of timing, the push did happen in the Obama administration, during which the U.S. had its first transvestite First “Lady”.
    AND its first openly bi-sexual president. Others have been “questionable”,but their sexual preferences were not made so prolific as to be incorporated into their policy-making.

    • Yes. Obama was and remains an absolute disgrace. But I see God’s Point here: We only get the President we deserve, sort of. Question is, Can we survive it? We’re not out of Obama’s woods yet—we’re not even out of the Bushes’ woods!

  6. It’s all a fad. Obongo stole Christmas and introduced the ‘First Queen”. That’s how “they do”:

  7. This is the response to a poll by children who are at the age when they are most susceptible to peer pressure. Many celebrities have come out as gay or bisexual, and I am not sure that these claims are always true. This is a trendy thing. Take Katy Perry’s song, “I Kissed a Girl.” She may have done this, but this may be all she ever did with a member of her own sex. I find it interesting that the lyrics claim that she did this after she had been drinking and later hoped her boyfriend wouldn’t find out. I’ve known young girls who have kissed other girls, and they did it sometimes to see what it was like for their boyfriends to kiss them. Curiosity, basically, which fades as they mature. These children’s responses may not be predictors of actual adult behavior is what I’m saying. Peer pressure and the examples of celebrities can lead teens to do and say all kinds of things that they won’t when they grow up. A good scientific poll would catch up with these same respondents in, say, 10 year intervals and see if they give the same answers. I bet they won’t.

  8. Reagan appointee to the Supreme Court Anthony Kennedy wrote, “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life. Beliefs about these matters could not define the attributes of personhood were they formed under compulsion of the State.” Scalia disagreed in this case but in another affirmed the “right” of homosexuals to use the legal system if they could to enforce their views on society. The fact is that because of conservative capitulation like this, it’s become relentlesss compulsion by the State that imposes this stupefying evil of “genderqueer,” “androgynous,” and “bisexual”on those vulnerable young minds desperately in need of the moral guidance and correction that will save them from the final horrors of vice.

    The Supreme Court up until a few decades ago had a Freemason (i.e., anti-Catholic) majority and under Frankfurter in the late 1940s and since has determined that “religion,” as a code word for Christianity alone, was no longer the great source of societal cohesiveness in America, but the source of most hatred, divisiveness, and violence. The despicable Republicans did nothing but shed crocodile tears and wring their hands while the country became anti-Christian as a matter of law. The result so far has been uncharted evil in which American young are alchemically transformed into lusting animals whose thoughts are authored by their parents’ worst enemies while foreign young are live-cremated from the sky to serve the Synagogue of Satan on Earth.

    • Language is important. So are morals. We often confuse responsibilities when we go to the wrong place for guidance. The State has no business defining morals. Just like there is a difference between “prejudice” and “discrimination”.

      When someone who is “queer” feels better about defining their situation as “natural” rather than as an affiliation, it may be understandable, but nonetheless inaccurate. Encouraging inappropriate behavior among the afflicted is also inappropriate.

      If someone is civil and acts and dresses “funny”, who cares? That doesn’t mean I like that and would encourage others to engage in it. In fact, I don’t think we should promote it at all.

      The proper response to that sending them to counseling. When laws are passed or institutions enact rules that encourage dysfunctional behavior it is the same as giving liquor to an alcoholic.

      Most of us know that the real goal here is to destroy our civilization so that it can be replaced by another. We should loudly resist these efforts. At present they depend on shaming people into silence.

  9. ““The stigma of being LGBTQ is gone,” said Queens Councilman Daniel Dromm, a former public-school teacher who is openly gay.”

    I’d like to believe that; if that’s the case, then he should be calling for and end to all gay pride parades that take place summer. The Supreme Court rammed gay “marriage” down our throats.

    At the very least, it should be OK for comedies & variety shows to show this again:

  10. I know this comment is tongue in cheek…..but……does this mean that present sexually confused children in NYC will grow up to NOT reproduce? Is that a bad thing or a good thing? Let’s think together:

    So, maybe middle America…out there in the fly-over zone, might embrace their born sexuality without any question or confusion or WHATEVER and reproduce (in droves, maybe….we can only hope) while those in NYC who are befuddled, sexually confused, sexually ambivilent, will not (we can only hope). If this is the developing model….maybe SOME things in this equation will be self-limiting through time.

    • Your message may be tongue in cheek, but there’s a great deal of veracity in it. While I understand the emotional need of these people to feel included in their society –which of course they deserve to be– I still need a clear understanding of what their ultimate Goal or final purpose may be.

      Certainly my age (nearly 76) and my earlier training in biological sciences has predisposed me to traditional perceptions and outlooks. I thought society had evolved to a point where it accepted heterosexual, bisexual, and same sex relations as normative, so I have an extremely difficult time accepting anyting beyond these. I thought this was pretty inclusive, yet now we’re being told there has to be more.

      I am sorry, but to me this is very close to the edge of a kind of lunacy, or terribly tortuous thinking.

  11. Firstly, there aren’t that many. I suspect that among the self-identified perverts most are simply living the fad. For those very few that actually have this neuroses, they need medical help.

    We should absolutely not encourage this. The goal is to get them to stop breeding, clearly. The ultimate goal is to destroy our civilization. I know who’s behind this, but it doesn’t matter much in terms of the response.

    None of these groups NEEDS anything from the Government or its citizens. They don’t need laws tailored for them. If they want to run around making candy moulds of their nether regions or playing odds and ends with tweezers in the forrest, so be it. Just as long as they stay away from me and mine I’m fine.

    I am never going to say “you’re OK”. I am never going to support special laws and standards of behavior to encourage and foster these fetishes. I realize that a very few people are suffering from these dysfunctions (whether they know it or not), and the others are simply soulless joiners who want to belong.

    I’m sure that if any of these creatures wished to go straight they would find many well-meaning people willing to help. Of course the leftists want to make that “illegal”. No, they want the mentally ill to stay that way. How else will they get votes?

  12. How interesting the vile creep makes mention of kinsey, a child molester and enabler of child abuse (see: , ,’s+hidden+child+abuse%3a+though+lauded+in+the+media+as+an…-a0126313849 and this: for readers unfamiliar with the satanic filth.) That dromm cites such an anti-human monster as if he is something of important speaks much of dromm’s character… for kinsey also gave rise to transgenderism, specifically the mutilation of children under the pretext of changing gender, (via one of his followers, one john money.) pushed homosexuality’s normalization, pushed pedophilia’s normalization, and is also responsible for the vile “sex ed” garbage that pollutes the public schools these days… his texts all should’ve been collected and thrown in a volcano and his “research” discarded like the diseased waste it was.

    I would move that Dromm be dropped like a burning object from whatever councils he is on, as he is clearly a malign influence. Although I also move that public schools should be completely defunded and empty by 2020, such is the extent of the damage that they do, being prime vectors for communicable/induced mental & spiritual illness.


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