Butt Kicking Boogie Woogie Twin Pianos.

These Dudes Rock!

Here is Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson Who are mentioned in first video. Wow they are Amazing.
~Steve~                                        H/T  hujonwi



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6 years ago

WOW! I haven’t heard anyone play like that since my cousin Junio got back from his tour in Korea in the Fifties; he was so glad to be home he tore into the old upright my aunt Philomena had, and we thought it was going to fall apart. Of course, he’s only half as good as they are, because he’s only one….

Bob Thurn
Bob Thurn
6 years ago

I took piano lessons for eleven years, all with a classical move. What a waste of time and money. My instructor told me I shouldn’t play syncopated music as it would interfere with my classical learning. How wrong can you be! This is fantastic! Wish I could play like that.

5 years ago

This has made me prepare to buy the new Yamaha p-115. Hope it can take the abuse.