Buster the raccoon wants to stay in bed

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Buster lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.
On Buster’s Facebook page, his human P. J. Hahn, Director of Coastal Zone Management at Plaquemines Parish Government, writes:

This past Saturday was freezing when we woke up and Karen and I went to check on Buster, to put him outside. Clowning around, I took my phone out and began videoing Buster’s struggle to wake up. Karen posted the video and today we began getting flooded with emails from companies wanting to sign a contract for use of the Buster video! It’s had over 52,000 views on Liveleak.com!!!!!


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0 responses to “Buster the raccoon wants to stay in bed

  1. I reckon they found him when he was quite young, as racoons normally are cautious around humans, even when they live nearby and have become accustomed to them [the racoons, not the humans!].

  2. Here in Portland, OR, we are having rather a snap of cold weather. The last several mornings, I have felt just like Buster–just didn’t want to leave my snugly warm bed. That was a wonderful presentation! Thank you.

  3. So adorable! My kids LOVED this!

  4. Can’t say I blame the furry little feller. 🙂

  5. Wonderful book on raccoons: Raccoons are the Brightest People by Sterling North, 1966. ! have many raccoon friends in Santa Barbara, and they are. They live communally – moms come by with all the kids and trade off. Great videos, thanks.

  6. I heard the cute little guy passed away recently. Can I ask what happened?


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