Busloads of ADULT illegals shop in Walmart with food stamps

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Illegals at NC Walmart
Sean Brown writes for Mad World, July 14, 2014:
If we were to listen only to the mainstream media and the talking points from the White House, they would have us believe that not only is the government doing everything possible in order to stop the invasion of our Southern border, but those who are crossing are refugee children who can’t be turned away. However, a video that was recorded on Sunday by a North Carolina woman places serious doubts on whether or not either of those things are true, as it allegedly shows busloads of adult illegal immigrants getting dropped off at a local Walmart to shop for supplies for their shelter.

Sylvia Locklear was on her lunch break Sunday afternoon around 1:30 p.m. when she noticed something strange happening in the parking lot of Walmart in Concord, NC – there was busloads of what appeared to be adult illegal immigrants being dropped off to shop for everything from food to pillows and blankets. Angered by her discovery, Sylvia decided she was going to investigate a little further, and what she found should outrage every American citizen.
In the video above, Sylvia can be heard talking to another person who presumably was curious about what was going on, so she explained to them that prior to taking the video she had tried to talk to the people on the bus. Not only could they barely speak English, but one of them had said they had just arrived in America.
We all know that this has been happening, however, the sheriff of her town had said that they weren’t allowing any illegals to be shipped in, so it would appear as if the Obama regime is once again placing undue burdens on the states and not even letting them know what’s going on. What’s worse is that in the comments under the video she posted to Facebook, Sylvia said that when she was in line behind them that they were using government-issued EBT cards to pay for their purchases.
The Kannapolis Police Department wouldn’t comment on the video when I reached out to them, and the sheriff couldn’t be reached for comment. However, there’s been many reports of illegals being shipped to towns without the knowledge of town officials as Judge Jeanine points out below.

How come you and I not only pay for our purchases at Wal-mart, but those of people who violate our borders and our laws?


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0 responses to “Busloads of ADULT illegals shop in Walmart with food stamps

    • Now THAT is amazing, & it’s no joke. Feds are giving $50 million so BCFS can buy a resort hotel to house illegals & use it as a triage, etc. So again I ask (rhetorically, further below), what was the $385 million to Haliburton for? Why didn’t KBR build facilities near the borders for such things? :-/

  1. This nation is being deliberately destroyed.

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  3. This is a good time to review some of your posts on the people of Walmart, Dr. Eowyn. 😀

  4. It’s a sad day in America when Christians are so hateful…. and it is the Government who acts as the Good Samaritan (which is the duty of the church of Jesus Christ)… and rails against Christians from other lands having food as Christians come to America. How evil have Christians become as they leave the Word of God to be political rather than followers of Jesus Christ? What?? Do you want these people to starve because you love money not God or them??

    • It has been determined that it would be cheaper to send them home, on FIRST-CLASS flights, than to feed, house and transport them all over the U.S. We cannot take care of our own homeless or veterans, people on food stamps, etc. Can’t you see that the feds are transferring the burden to states, and doing it in secret? Is that okay? The country is already broke.

    • traildustfotm

      Laura, I agree with you that these people cannot be left to starve. We can’t abandon our consciences and turn cold hearts to the people who came here. The LORD speaks very clearly about being kind to the widows and aliens among us. Although this diaspora masks an invading army, we must not attack that army’s hostages, the poor and weak who come in desperation.
      But I disagree with you on the underlying realities of what’s happening. The Democrats are acting with great cruelty towards these people, using them as pawns, in their attempt to turn the country into a socialist dictatorship.
      So let’s go help the aliens. But be aware, the government has been turning away church organizations who are trying to bring aid. https://gulagbound.com/45515/christian-ministries-shut-out-by-obama-dhs-from-aiding-illegal-alien-minors-pushed-into-america/
      There is one great mistake the government is making. Christian kindness will prevail, and a large percentage of these people, if they are not already, will likely become Christians, a factor that will not favor Obama or his evil agenda.

    • Where in the Bible are we instructed to steal money from anyone to do anything?
      Apparently the invaders didn’t read it, as they are not only stealing our money and resources, they are ultimately going to steal this country – or a significant portion of it.
      Who is going to benefit from that?
      Maybe you should find a copy of Camp of the Saints. It’s out of print at the moment, but I understand there are copies circulating on the Internet.
      And in case you haven’t noticed, this country is broke.
      Dead broke.

    • Dear Laura…I’m going to give you the benefit of a doubt & think you are a low-information, simple person who holds elementary Christian values…but I want you to consider this: we DO feed them….to the tune of billions of dollars yearly in foreign aid to their respective countries. This is not about starvation or escaping violence….there is nothing more or less critical in any of these countries from which the illegals arrive than there was last year or the year before. They are here to receive the riches of this country, because they know we will give it to them…no questions asked, no responsibilities, no accountability–& no waiting in line to enter the LEGAL way….never mind the people they hurt who ARE following the law, waiting in line, patient & EQUALLY hopeful of a better life in America. They are here b/c Barak Obama and Eric Holder invited them via publicly aired policy statements about how they were (NOT)going to handle illegal aliens: You claim we are “unChristian” if we feel invaded, burdened, lied to, living in a lawless nation, & at sea about what to do for these people when we have little or no resources to offer them when they show up by the thousands in little towns that don’t even have a public BATHROOM for them ….let alone a place to house them & quantities to feed them! Well, the Bible also tells us to be be stewards of the Earth….and if we, the host, buckle under this burden….we have allowed our stewardship to buckle and die. We have FAILED the stewardship demanded of us by our faith…even if we allowed ourselves to fail due to good intentions & motives. It is still an EPIC FAIL. WE become disabled & of NO USE to anyone…not even ourselves (& haven’t we been on this edge for quite a few years already??? Or…are things different at YOUR house than they are at mine?) We MUST figure a better way to handle this…NO THANKS to our Federal Government & its “leadership.”
      Of course…we will feed them, take care of medical needs. And then, we must send them home. There is a precident for this—Janet Reno did it(& SHE sent a SWAT team) when she sent Elian Gonzalez back to his father in Cuba. (And, if you remember—-this child’s mother DIED trying to bring him to the USA illegally…AND, he was living WITH members of his family in Florida…….didn’t matter–no sympathy votes, no “possession/geography/ timing is the law”) Parceling the un-accompanied minors out to God-only-knows-who is a hideous mistake…setting them up for exploitation, abuse ….and maybe for a LIFETIME…due to being ‘undocumented.” This is ALL wrong & dangerous from start to finish unless and until we repatriate them to their country(s) ANything else makes us complicit in this exploitation.

    • “Do you want these people to starve because you love money not God or them??”

      Laura, I need to add the fact that you are falsely putting words into our mouths, and presuming our intentions. If you have never read this blog, you might mistakenly attribute such dark conclusions to us, but if you know us, you would not conclude these things.
      The actions of our president are tremendously cruel, to the hard working citizens of this country, and even more so to the people streaming over our border. There is no genuinely loving intention in the white house. These people are being used as pawns is an evil game.

    • The countries from which these aliens are coming from are able to grow crops all year round. They were NOT starving when they set off to disregard our law and squat in our country and allow/expect hardworking people to feed them. If they starve here then it is their own damn fault. If they had stayed home that would not happen. I have traveled Central America….always at least some of the time off the beaten path and every family…bar none….grows their own food and they also have the land to do so or are able to take advantage of the surplus. And it is usually very fertile and productive land. So don’t even try to give me this guilt trip about these people starving. I have seen how they live first hand and know they were very well fed at home. Perhaps they are lacking a few flat screen television sets. Maybe that is more what is prompting them to invade our land. And by the way, we live in a country where not everyone has the advantage of a garden plot and most areas cannot plant year round as these people can. And just for the record 1 in every 6 families living in NYC is at this very moment not able to put sufficient food on their table for their family.
      What you have written is total hogwash and shame on you for calling we Christians here at FOTM evil!

    • They don’t look like they’re starving to me. How about personal responsibility – that of the parents? It is NOT my responsibility to tend to the ills of others who willingly violate the laws of MY country. Don’t you think they should take that energy and determination to try to change their own nations?

    • Laura…That is what “Charity” is for not to use money from people who are working and barely have enough to buy food for themselves or can’t go to the doctor because they don’t have the money to pay the doctor. It has nothing to do with being a Christian. It has to do with being able to support yourself and your own children and if you can’t then you can’t support someone else.

  5. Laura-please do not tell me I love money more than God –I resent that. I also resent my Government lying to our citizens and not protecting us. None of us are angry about feeding the poor–but this whole immigration is a mass deception and that is what we don’t like.
    I am home today with a child covered in a rash from a rare strain of a virus he caught during air travel (6 days from our plane ride) — no kidding Laura–this is just the tip of the iceberg of the public health crisis to come. I, by the way, have an extensive health care background.

    • But I should add the virus is common (not the strain) and is easily curable, thank goodness But the public health community is extremely concerned and have been shut out of this whole process.

    • Lola,
      I couldn’t agree more & I pray your child will recover quickly!
      This is just more of the “Cloward & Piven” strategy to overwhelm the system! My TN Gov. Haslam wasn’t even made aware of the 800 illegals they dumped off in our state until after the fact. Not sure how he even found out. He’s written our “dictator” requesting information as to where they were “dumped” originally, their age, status, where they were taken & their state of health. As I said on another site, I hope Gov. Haslam doesn’t hold his breath until he gets a reply! God bless!

  6. In Texas we have seen that the media keeps showing pictures of little kids, but the age of the people is 15+. They are being transported all over in secret, so no one will panic about the coming pandemics and/or gang actions.

  7. I just saw this: 3-Minute YouTube:
    “Gov. Malloy Denies Feds Request To House Illegal Immigrants In Connecticut!”:

    Jul 15, 2014 The administration of Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy (D-WFP) has denied a request from federal officials to temporarily house up to 2,000 illegal immigrant children from Central America at a residence in his state for individuals with intellectual disabilities:
    I find it hard to believe that The Main Man of Connecticut & a Dem at that would buck against the feds, especially since he allowed the Sandy Hook Hoax to take place in his state. So what’s up with him not wanting the alien “children”? Does he know something we don’t?

    • Two “flashes from the past” came to mind recently re all this illegal immigration news:
      1. Remember Cheney’s buddies at Haliburton/KBR back in the Bush era (2006) were given $385 million to build “detention” camps. What great foresight they had, eh?
      –Original link no longer available:
      –Thankfully, a copy is at archive.org:
      2/3/2006: “Customs `camps’ cause for concern” By Tom Hennessy, Columnist:
      Appearing on page A5, the story said the federal government had awarded a $385 million contract for the construction of “temporary detention facilities.” These would be used, the story said, in the event of an “immigration emergency.” Jamie Zuieback, an official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), explained such an emergency like this: “If, for example, there were some sort of upheaval in another country that would cause mass migration, that’s the type of situation that the contract would address.”
      Tuesday’s story also said the contract was awarded by the Army Corps of Engineers. However, Halliburton says it was awarded by the Department of Homeland Security in support of ICE. The contract is for a year, but includes four one-year options. It is a renewal of an existing ICE contract, notes Halliburton.
      2. The “Pentagon’s [5/13/2005] announcement of the closure of 180 [USA] military bases and installations, including 33 major bases. (9) In occult numerology the digit zero means nothing, so 180 becomes 18, which is three sixes. The sacred number of Freemasonry is 33, and of course the announcement was made on the witches’ holiday of Friday the 13th. This was 13 days after the sabat of Beltaine”:
      –Original News Source/Reference:
      09. Associated Press, May 13, 2005, by Liz Sidoti, Washington, D.C.
      –as reported here in June 2005 (including the numeric interpretation re the date of the announcement):
      So the question is, with the Haliburton/KBR facilities & the empty military bases available, why are they wanting to dump illegals in towns across America?
      Also, you don’t hear much about it anymore but that North American Union (NAU) plot, to combine USA, Canada, & Mexico into one, may be at play here as well.

    • traildustfotm

      TPR, I may be wrong, but I think he is just a “Not-In-My-Back-Yard” elitist. Think of all those Kennedy type liberals, who would run you down in the street, to get to a rally in which they pretend to be on your side.

      • I’m sure that’s true. Always have heard that CT is a rather “uppity” state. Then again, Malloy could give them jobs as “crisis actors” for any other asbestos-laden schools he may want destroyed. :-/

      • Traildustfotm, yesterday I watched a show on the History channel called, “10 Things You Didn’t Know.” This session devoted itself to President John F. Kennedy and is anchored by historian and author, David Eisenbach. He indicated that JFK hated liberals, finding them weak and ineffective. I thought you might find that interesting, as I certainly did.

    • I believe the feds will place the people wherever they want, regardless of what any governor says. No federal sovereignty, no state sovereignty. We have arrived.

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  10. As a front man for the globalists, BHO (raised during formative years as a Muslim and Indonesian citizen in an Islamic dictatorship country) is used to internationalize the United States. His managers are striving to end the United States and turn it into the “North American Union.” General Petraeus, recent Bilderberg participant, is eagerly promoting this, as is Speaker (shut up) Pelosi. By the way, time for summer camp for the Bilderberg crowd and a few others is near, to take place in a grove. Bohemian Grove, a time that was greatly offensive to R.M. Nixon, to his credit. On occasion, naked men would go about in the woods, commune with nature, and I don’t know who else. Just a warning, if you hug a tree, make sure that it has not been urinated upon for at least 20 minutes. Whom will the Bilderbergers and happy campers pick for presidential candidates? So you think you can run for office? Don’t call in, your vote does not count here.

  11. Well I believe that charity starts at home and while we still have vets that are 80 some years old waiting for benefits and Our OWN children starving in the street, pardon me if my heart doesn’t bleed for this democratic stunt that is being pulled by King Evil and his nasty administration. Latin America needs to take care of their own. Since when are we babysitter to the world. We are going to be worse off than the countries that these illegals are coming from at the rate that this Muslim president’s destruction plan is proceeding. Our children can not, by law , go without their immunizations for the sake of public health yet these asshats in Washington can stream in sick kids by the bus and plane loads spreading the diseases everywhere. I think these children need to be housed in the towns and cities where the super rich go to play. Martha’s Vineyard needs many bus loads as well as Aspen , etc..

  12. Please, somebody, do the math! Take the number of people secretly invited and brought here, then add that cost, the cost to return, and the amount we are to spend on them while here, and divide it by the total of temporary residents. Take the resulting dollar figure and transfer it to the total value of exchange into the coin of the realm of the homeland of each visitor. Then see what level of luxury our generosity would buy. This assignment is merely for me to get an idea about what we are doing. I know, having our visitors return home would destroy the plans of those who want to follow the “sacred charter” of the UN or sharia, but an offering for the purchase of nose tissue could be raised for the suffering.

  13. The people that run the countries where these illegal immigrants come from are living like royalty. Why isn’t Obama and his entourage raising hell about that? This whole thing was planned as a way to help drive America into a financial crisis so the dictator in the White House can completely take over!

  14. Brenda Leeann Springer

    Before anyone clobbers me, I will speak in defense about the elementary Christian values as stated about Laura. Perhaps she is speaking from a loving and tender Christian heart, so let’s give her credit for that. That being said; the cute little starving waifs, bombarding our borders, appear to be very well nourished. Many of them are wearing Nike shoes. The last pair of Nike shoes I bought were on sale at $68.00 a pop. Aside from that, if my eyes are not deceiving me, some of the big kids (at least 20 years old) were wearing “very expensive watches” name brand clothing, and were quite plump. They don’t look or dress too impoverished. Many are “notorious gang bangers” who torture and cut off fingers. Last report has 3 gang members to every 5 coming across. While I would feed any hungry or hurting child, this whole Obama farce and dismantling our country is from spite, hatred of America and being Hell bent on bringing our demise, if he is not stopped. We have elderly who die in record heats because they can’t afford a fan or something basic like a window unit. We have children (American children) living in substandard houses (slum hoods) and our veterans of which are dying because they are put on death list panels. We should care for our citizens, before illegal aliens get the first dime in support. They will essentially take from our quality of life or scraping by for some, and give it away to illegals. Yes, we will eventually pay, for all of them by redistribution. So, Governor Perry is sending thousands of troops to the border and then what?? Will they be changing diapers and warming up formula for the children too? The border patrol are nothing more than babysitters as it is. This is going to end up in an ugly civil war with shooting in the streets because the pot is about to boil over. Leeann

    • Brenda, the people coming across are mostly male and mostly 15 years old and up, with gang tattoos, etc. The “babies and children” meme was propaganda. King O lies about everything, remember. The gangbangers are being flown and bussed to cities all over the nation, and people will be paid $40 per day to house them. All of a sudden, people start volunteering to do so. I pray that the hosts don’t get seriously hurt or killed by their guests.

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