Businesses to patronize or shun this Christmas

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Christmas is about Christ
Once again, the American Family Association (AFA) has done the work for us by issuing a list of retailers, separated into “Nice,” “Marginal,” or “Naughty” categories in accordance with whether the business recognizes Christmas by actually using the C-word in their advertising.
The AFA’s annual Christmas “naughty or nice” list has been very effective. Randy Sharp, director of special projects for the American Family Association told OneNewsNow he’s witnessed the change in retailers’ advertising over the years: “More and more companies are now recognizing and using the term ‘Christmas’ in all of their advertising. Eight years ago, probably 80% of the companies in America were using generic terms such as ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Season’s Greetings’ with no reference to Christmas in their advertising. But because of the AFA annual ‘Naughty-or-Nice List,’ companies have now awakened and they now incorporate [the term] ‘Christmas’ quite extensively in a lot of their advertising.”
The AFA list uses a color-coded system, with blue being the highest rating and red for those retailers who refuse to even acknowledge Christmas while profiting mightily from the Christmas gift-buying frenzy.
This year, AFA is providing pro-Christmas consumers with an easy option for delivering their message to retailers on the Naughty list. AFA’s Sharp explains, “When you click on any company in the red – the Naughty companies – you are immediately taken to a page where you can easily contact this company via a phone number, an email, you can post something on their Facebook page. We encourage people to let these companies know why they are not going to do business with them this Christmas.
Below are the best and worst businesses from the AFA Naughty-or-Nice List. Please go to the AFA site and print a copy of the full list to bring with you on your Christmas shopping. Click here!
The best stores are the blue-colored businesses — companies that have an AFA “5-Star” rating because they promote and celebrate Christmas on an exceptional basis:

The worst stores are red-colored businesses — companies that, at best, may use “Christmas” sparingly in a single or unique product description, but as a company does not recognize Christmas, although they don’t hesitate to take your money. Don’t give your hard-earned money to these!

H/t FOTM’s MomOfIV

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0 responses to “Businesses to patronize or shun this Christmas

  1. Thank You Dr. Eowyn,
    Certain businesses want Christians’ money, but don’t want Christ; will definitely shun those businesses.
    Also, I’ve noticed this year there is an almost complete lack of Christmas-themed movies at the theaters except for one: Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas
    Patronize the theaters to watch his movie…I’m going today. Boycott the junk in theaters this Christmas season:
    atheists falling in love, masculine female taking down a corrupted government with a bow/arrow, a kid’s movie featuring artificial intelligence and trans-humanism (“boy” and machine becoming friends) and two idiots have an adventure.
    Let retailers and the movie industry know Christians are a force to be recognized and represented.

  2. Fabulous post! This is the most important information to be armed with this season of the year. Yes, indeed–it is “Christmas,” not “Xmas.” not “Winter Holidays,” not anything else but “C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S!” because our Savior died that we might live eternally if we but follow him.

  3. What a great idea this list is!! Also,I make it a POINT to tell people “MERRY CHRISTMAS” when they say “Happy Holidays”. Christmas is one place where I’m especially vehemently AGAINST PC-ness. Seems funny that Progressives’ cure for “Intolerance” seems to be to make everything GENERIC instead of being TOLERANT of others’ ways. I’ve always figured,if you don’t like someone else’s Religion,Marketing,Attitude or beliefs,you don’t have to play,you can go your own way,but you DON’T have a right to tamper with THEIR rights,any more than they have a right to force you to change YOURS.

  4. Thanks so much, great information ! I LOVE Christmas!!!!! I’m getting excited already! I will be proudly displaying my giant plastic lighted Nativity display, along with my huge lighted Santa and reindeers on my front lawn for my snotty atheist neighbors to smirk at, and shopping at some of these stores!

  5. Two stores that will never get any of my money are The Gap and Old Navy. (I believe both are owned by the same company). Years back, The Gap launched a Christmas ad campaign called “Holiday,” and the people in the ad flashed a “V” sign that really looked like they were giving people the finger. I just didn’t like their attitude.
    McDonald’s won’t get any more of my money, either: They ALWAYS interrupt you when you try to give your order!

  6. On the subject of Victoria’s Secret, Victoria has never been any good at keeping a secret.

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  8. I do not even participate in “Consumermas”. Those who say Christ was born on December 25th are full of garbage! It should be well known that the pagan Nimrod, founder of the Babylonian mystery religion, was born that day. “To defy the laws of tradition is a crusade only of the brave” -Primus


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