Burqa B*tch

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An Australian Muslim woman, Carnita Matthews, was driving in full head-to-toe vision-impairing burqa. She was stopped by the police for a traffic infraction. The policeman asked for her identity and to show her face. Matthews cried racism and claimed she was man-handled.

But the police car’s videocam captured the exchange, showing Matthews had lied. She was convicted and sentenced to 6 months in jail for her malicious false claim that could have destroyed the police officer’s career and reputation. Then her lying lawyer whined it was a case of mistaken identity — that Matthews was not the woman in the video because the burqa had concealed the woman’s true face! That’s hutzpah for ya.
The lawyer’s lie went nowhere because, happily, Matthews’ signature on the false claim she had filed with the police after the traffic incident proved she was the woman in the police video.
No wonder France finally, in September of this year, banned Islamic face-covering veils such as the niqab and burqa from being worn in public places. Earlier this year, Australian Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi called for the burqa to be banned in his country, but the ban did not go into effect although debate about the burqa continues.
Muslims are exploiting and manipulating western society’s religious freedom and rights for their own ends. Am I the only person who, when seeing a burqa, immediately thinks of the evil Ringwraiths of Lord of the Rings and the Dementors of Harry Potter?

Ringwraiths in JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings

Dementors in JK Rowling's Harry Potter

H/t beloved Fellowship co-founder Steve.

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0 responses to “Burqa B*tch

  1. Yeah, Muslims’ adherence to grotesque Medieval practices like “an eye for an eye,” stoning, decapitation, prohibiting women from driving (even in Saudi Arabia) and getting an education somehow doesn’t stop them from using modern technology, devices, and conveniences like prescription eyeglasses, cell phones, AK47s, and passenger airplanes as bombs.

  2. I think it’s pretty funny that a “carnita” is a Mexican pork dish. They are very yummy.

  3. One thing we must not forget is that we are, and always will be smarter than people such as this Muslim woman. So many of them get tripped up by details like she did with her signature.

  4. If a simple headscarf (like a babushka) is enough for the theocratic mullahs of Iran (whom everybody hates there) then it should be enough for these folk… but they wouldn’t get to be contrarian and stick their thumbs in the eye of Western Civilizations then (remember, Matthews is most likely a convert). You know something’s jacked-up when the official Iranian position on the matter is one of the more reasonable.

  5. I don’t usually think of what they remind me of. I get really pissed off when I see them! I want to yell at them and tell them off and tell them what a horrible example they are of womanhood. The wraiths don’t make me mad, these dumb women do.

  6. I got my car hit by a woman wearing one of these (many years ago, and of course my car was brand new). She backed out of the grocery store parking lot and didn’t even see me, hitting my passenger side of the car. I was sooooo pissed! She then had the AUDACITY to ask me if my car wasn’t already previously damaged. If they impair your driving vision, they shouldn’t be allowed!!

  7. I’m all for personal liberties and people wearing what they want and doing what they want as long as it doesn’t infringe on my rights, but this is too much, look at this news clip, burqa clad women filmed getting on an international flight without ID or showing their faces.

  8. Them Burqua clad chicks kinda remind me of Sister Mary Godzilla who was my teacher in 4th grade. I’m completely flabergasted that a bunch of Catholic girls would want to dress up like penguins and live without men.
    But then, as a guy, I really know why deep down inside……

  9. I figure they’re REALLY pretty or Really not so much;
    What do YOU think?

  10. Hollow point, I think you’re a solid point, or maybe just a point,but a point you are; maybe a pointy head, or somethin’.
    I used to work with a guy we called a “Polish Compass” because he would stand on the bow and point, and he was Polish. Are you Polish too?

  11. Microserf, THANKS for your support!
    I’m wearing my star spangled jock strap and crop top, like Will Farrell on SNL!!
    Merlot makes my clothes fall off……..

  12. Dear Erinyes,
    Am I Polish? No. Why, do you need help changing a light bulb? Your post made me laugh. Thanks. Now get to drinking that Merlot and maybe your clothes will fall back on. The visual you provided made me go blind!

  13. Re: Burqua Bitch Matthews….I hope she is strip searched and made to wear whatever the Aussie female inmates have to wear! I wish she was being thrown in Sheriff Joe’s jail in Phoenix!!! That would be hysterical. Bologna sandwiches for the Burqa Bitch. Yum yum eat em up baby.

  14. I’m telling you we are too accommodating. Our operating room has a strict dress code. Absolutely no exterior clothing is to be worn, nothing under the scrubs, very little if any jewellery, maybe a watch. I’ve actually been reminded of this 2 days ago, I wore a discreet t-shirt under my scrubs as I was sick and the operating rooms are kept very cold. I complied with the request to remove it. So yesterday when a bunch of arab residents and med students came into my OR to watch a case clad in head scarves, long sleeve shirts, basically covering every inch of skin, I decided enough was enough and sent them all out to remove everything and change into proper OR attire. They were not happy, wrote complaint letters and screamed discrimination. These OR rules are in place for everyone for a reason, they think they are above reproach, if we must adhere to the standards, so must they I told the administrator. They all changed and came back for the case. Nothing happened, their flesh didn’t burn, men didn’t rape them on the spot from exposure to arabic female skin, God did not forsake them and they did not burst into flames. One rule for all, and if you come here, you acknowledge and accept that you will live by that law.

  15. Now if I could only find out the name of that merlot…..it sounds and reads like it was a good bottle.

  16. No wonder I never liked and do not imbibe Merlot!
    I’m a beer and Cabernet Sauvignon gal 😉

  17. Steve, I don’t recall ever claiming to be on the left, I suppose I am center. Lets pull out those old posts………over a bottle.

    • micro,
      You are correct. Here’s part of a comment you wrote on 2010/07/22 at 1:25 pm:
      “I realize I have latched onto a right wing discussion site here. I am not right nor left, I am not republican nor democrat, I am not liberal nor conservative…I am me………….I believe what I believe (so far), respect my beliefs as I do others……..the journey and search continues….


    • Steve & micro,
      You are both right! 😀
      Micro, indeed, identified himself to us as neither left nor right, liberal nor conservative, Democrat nor Republican. So he really isn’t a lib. On the other hand, since micro is neither lib nor conservative, necessarily on some things he is to our left by virtue of his not being a true conservative — which accounts for your perception and memory that he was on the left.

  18. ahh, no one’s wrong if everyone is right. Left and right…I get the impression everyone is running in circles, so any direction would be progress at this point. Scary that you have these posts archived, if I ever run for office promise me you won’t pull out any incriminating ones………….cheers!

    • micro,
      We don’t archive comments. It’s a wordpress function.

      • It’s all good Eowyn, I’m half joking, if people don’t believe what they are saying, they shouldn’t be posting/saying it. I do recall a few cavalier and provocative posts on my behalf however. Some of that was to gauge and illicit a reaction….which it most certainly did. Great site guys, I’m still coming back to it as one of my regular web check ins.


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