Burn Baby Burn, Your Money, That Is!

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Obama uses two helicopters,  Air Force One and a motorcade  to travel 500 miles to Martha’s Vineyard for a vacation, at taxpayers expense. Let’s not forget that Michelle and the kids has already flown there in a separate jet, again at taxpayers expense.
Obama travels across THREE states using his brand new $1.1 million bus (also at taxpayers expense AND built in Canada) from St.Paul, Minn. to Alpha Ill. on a presidential tour campaign trip for a distance of almost 400 miles one way. I can only assume that he returned to the starting point to catch Air Force One in St. Paul, Minnesota for a total of 800 miles. So why couldn’t he use the $1.1 million bus for his vacation since it was only him and the dog (not Michelle) 

Obama; out of touch, out of ideas, and out of his frigging mind!
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Burn Baby Burn, Your Money, That Is!

  1. Clifton Lee West

    Obama is special, ask your nearest Liberal and/or Progressive and they will gladly tell you that the American people are not fit to wipe the shoes of a man of his stature. If you don’t believe them, please don’t say anything or you may meet the fate of a few who might have informed the American people about the “real” Obama, and are no longer with us. Funny how millions of Russians were killed at the direction of Joseph Stalin, yet he would have been the first to tell you it was his “right” as the supreme leader of all the Russias. Obama, having donned his socialist garb while being a gay Muslim, only wants complete and total obedience from his serfs and/or Americans. That really isn’t asking too much, is it?
    Clifton Lee West

  2. Is gay Muslim as much of an oxymoron as jumbo shrimp?

  3. …I’m beginning to understand how the gentlemen on the deck of the Titanic must have felt as the lifeboats pulled away and the band played on.


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