Burial at Sea

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This is a photoshop!

It’d be interesting to compare this with the one the White House may or may not release. LOL
H/t beloved fellow May.

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0 responses to “Burial at Sea

  1. Appropriate IMO!

    • And where he get to where he’s going (presuming it was him) that bacon will be just the way I like it extra crispy!

      • I figured they just duct-taped a case of Spam to his feet and tossed him overboard.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Pork….. the other white meat!

  3. LOL – Yeah, I suggested wrapping him in bacon and feeding him to the alligators, but sharks are okay, too. 🙂

  4. The only thing that could make it better would be if they chummed the water first.

  5. Thomas Morato

    Like I mentioned the other day… “I wonder how long it will take them to release a staged burial-at-sea?” Now it looks like we’re about to get one. IMHO they are putting the final touches on it to make it look as real as possible. Let’s hope it doesn’t look anything like that fake 2007 COLB released.
    If it actually happened, this video should have (could have) been released immediately with the initial reports. Anything at this point just adds to the suspicion of why the body was supposedly disposed of so quickly.
    Did they even perform an autopsy on the man? The media reported DNA results withing 24 hours of his death. Where were the tests performed? The media reported results were compared to family members. When did the government take DNA samples of his family? Doesn’t it take at least a week or two to get such results?
    Forgive me for adding to the confusion, but since 9/11 I’m someone who asks a lot of questions. Is it just me, or does the US government feed on giving its citizens confusing and misleading information?

  6. I’m just wondering .. when anyone kills an arch enemy its always boasted about and the proof paraded for everyone to see, why is this all cloak and dagger?
    remember the times when they were beheaded and paraded around the streets with their heads on sticks? im not saying this should have been done here but im still looking for something similar or something that will prove that it was really him they killed.
    Why is the US holding back? I dont think they will be accused of insensitivity, especially with not the way people feel about this tyrant.

    • When Americans kill the enemy I don’t know that they “boast about and parade the proof” for everyone to see as the terrorists do.
      The US is holding back because 1) our military need protection for bringing OBL to justice and 2) Obama wants to appease the Muslim community…IMO

  7. the muslim community dont need apeasing! because OBL was nothing near a muslim so there!!

  8. Seriously, if the administration did not want to show the actual dead body of Bin Laden, they could have shown the burial at sea. This was all handled in a very suspicious and weird fashion.

  9. they needed to put the rest of the pig on there,I could do it if they would let me?


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