Burglar's CellPhone Ratted On Him by Calling 911

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Three people in New Castle, Pennsylvania, are charged with burglary because one of the men’s cell phone dialed 911 during the burglary!
CBS Pittsburgh KDKA reports, Oct. 7, 2011, that the men broke into a garage in the 500-block of Harber Street. When 911 got the call, they heard male voices and a lot of noise and figured a burglary was in progress.
So the dispatchers pinged the call, got the address and sent a police officer to the scene.
When police got there, the officer saw three males in a truck filled with metal and pulled them over. The men were then arrested.

burglars' truck full of stolen metals

Nikia Goode, Vernon Bundy and Johnny Taylor are facing charges of criminal conspiracy, burglary, criminal trespass, receiving stolen property and marijuana possession.
Go here to see the news video.
It must be one of their guardian angels who made the 911 call! LOL

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0 responses to “Burglar's CellPhone Ratted On Him by Calling 911

  1. To be betrayed by ones own cell phone…

    • Yeppers…. This brings to mind an accidentally recorded dialogue left on my voice mail, when the caller thought they’d rung off. A ten minute look into the unsuspecting soul of another….

  2. Eowyn’s got this right. God & Heaven look out for babies and fools, so these males fit the second category.

  3. Now taking nominations for “PeskyCellPhones” award! LOL

  4. I just love stories about stoopid criminals. 🙂


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