Bumperstickers summarize 2012 race

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H/t FOTM’s beloved Hardnox!

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0 responses to “Bumperstickers summarize 2012 race

  1. I desperately want the GTFO sticker! !

    • AWESOME! I will look into it. Thanks Hardnox!

    • Great idea, Hardnox! I’ve bought t-shirts from Zazzle with a pic I sent them, and they did a great job. Highly recommend!

    • I just ordered 50 of the GTFO ones!! 20 of them will be going to my friends in my home state of Ohio that “they” think is “in play!” lol Biden visited Youngstown, Ohio about 10 days ago, then went to my small hometown about 24 miles away for a speech on the lawn of City Hall. He spoke to an audience of 16 people!!! ROTFLOL Thanks so much for the info. My “Buckeyes” will love these!

  2. now WHO can’t aim their mouse and hit the thumps -up thingy 🙂

  3. an inspired contribution , Hardnox….O BOHICA 🙂
    …and your blushing is making ME blush,lol’s
    it’s good to be loved,hmmmm <3

  4. Hardnox for President 2012!

  5. The slogan I throw out at libs is Obama/Hoffa in 2012 – Hope and Change You Can’t Refuse. They would love that team but don’t have the nerve to admit it.

  6. I’m tired of EVERYTHING being vulgar, crude and sexualized in America, and I do not believe that CONSERVATIVES should be sinking to such low
    levels of taste [as these bumper stickers]; we’re supposed to be BETTER than that and this kind of trashy representation [of us] is not necessary [at all] to voice our disgust or disagreement with The Left and their approach to America. THEY [The Left] are the group who thinks “nothing is bad” and “anything goes” and “morality is relative”, so who are we?
    We need to clean up our act folks.

    • Thank you for your chastisement; but it didn’t work on me. Bend down, reach behind you, and pull that corn cob outta your ass. You gotta lighten up some, your gonna have a stroke being that uptight.
      Yous truly,
      The Patriot

    • I’m very disappointed that you [and “The Patriot] are so “without a clue” [or class] and if you choose to be as ridiculous, vengeful and crude as The Left that only makes you and the rest of us look bad.
      I will just consider you to be a member of a different [lesser] Conservatism, as I prefer to NOT swim in the gutter with the slugs.

      • Gosh, aren’t you a hoity-toity nose-in-the-air elitist!
        So having a sense of humor makes Hardnox and The Patriot “slug”-like members of “a different lesser Conservatism” who “swim in the gutter”? What a rich imagination you have, not to mention your purple-pulpy mixed metaphors (slugs swimming in the gutter) are making me downright dizzy. That gutter’s gonna get mighty crowded ’cause I’m diving in! Wheeeeee!!!!!

        • The world [and The Right] has more than its share of fools, AND “humor” is not an excuse to represent a movement [especially ours] with low character and vulgar displays; I’m embarrassed for you, because you [obviously] have little maturity or shame and I will just pretend you’re a Liberal because you would most certainly fit in well with their brand of character.
          I will not be responding to you fools again.

      • You didn’t try hard enough, maybe you could get a friend to help with that corn cob I spoke of….

      • Oh! Look honey, you’ve went and upset someone because you have a sense of humor! Damn you…you’re doing it again! Next time you think something is funny, check it through the comedy control tower first…aka CD MCKINNEY
        How many of those stickers did you want to order?
        ~~Mrs. P


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