Building Blueprint Illusion.. Kule!

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OK , How’s this one?  Mind you none of the descriptions are mine.  ~Steve~

Blueprint Mural in Portland
By Vurdlak on March 19, 2013,
blueprint image1
Browsing Moillusions history articles for a while made me realise we haven’t had that many #murals lately. Not being lazy, I started crawling my repository for something cool that could fill the gap, when this magnificent building appeared right in front of me – the photo depicts a mural of a blueprint, painted on a side of a building that used to be a furnishing store. I really liked it. If you look closely, you’ll notice how the second window from the right (2nd floor) is partially obstructed to maintain the illusion. Not sure if this still exists, but I bet our viewers from Portland can share some insight about the building today. It stands somewhere at the corner of Free and Center Streets, if I did my research right.

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0 responses to “Building Blueprint Illusion.. Kule!

  1. I love things like this, it shows creativity both on the part of the artist(s) and the owners of the building – well done!! We can improve and inspire.

  2. Reminds me of an old Bob Seger and the Sliver Bullet Band song , ” Turn The Page “. Live version is so much better .

    • Seeger Rocks, Try this.

      You tube 100 top seeger tracks.
      Plays all the time while work

      • Have you ever seen him in concert ? If you have , you probably had the same feeling as I did after the show . Nice to see a professional at work . No flash-pots , no mega light-show , just the music ! And if you haven’t , see him ! Well worth it . My personal favorite is ” HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS “, studio version . One of my top 5 driving down the highway songs .

        • japoa, it’s been at least 10 yrs , but yes I have. And like you say just him and the boys, some great big amps and kick ass rock and roll.
          Love “Hollywood nights”….love just about all of them.
          Did you try the link above? Use the link for you tube it self
          Should take you to like a page with 100 Seeger in a row.

          • Yes I did . Brought back memories , good and bad . Saw him in mid 1980 when ” AGAINST THE WIND ” came out . That’s when we lived in Chicago and saw him at the Rosemont Horizon . Lived just down the street that venue . Great concert , the saxaphone player , Alto Reed was fantastic . Unfortunately the concert was a couple of months after my father died at the age of 47 due to cancer .
            It was a very bittersweet moment due to the fact that the title song pretty much summed up my dad’s life . He died in March of ’80 and still to this day I get a little emotional . As a matter of fact I’m typing this response through ” soggy eyes ” . We were extremely close , he was a classic .

  3. Japoa, sorry man. 🙁

    • Didn’t realize it until I was driving home from work this a.m. that he died 33 yrs. ago yesterday , 3/28/80 . Something in the sub-conscious mind must have been at work . Thanks for your comment .

  4. That’s some weird timing. I think he just gave you a shout out. 😀

  5. Point well taken . One of those things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


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