Budget 102: Deficit v. Debt

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Pay attention to the big numbers proggies!


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0 responses to “Budget 102: Deficit v. Debt

  1. This is about maths. This is not going to solve any of our problems.
    The monetary system, which is based on the oligarchical principle, which is the “Gods” have all the power and money and the “Slaves” do all the work.
    The slaves do not have the right of the use of “Fire” which is illustrated by the Promethius story. Meaning knowlege etc. The FED is part of the oligarchs banking monetary system, which is completely insolvent now.
    We have no alternative but to reinstate Glass Steagall, which will put the too big to fail banks into bankruptcy protection, and separate the illegal gambling debts from the regular commercial banks debts, the toxic assets will be given back to the oligarchs and they can do what they want with them, they will no longer be the responsibility of the taxpayer. The regular debts will be kept on the books. However, unlike the time when Glass Steagall was initially passed under FDR, there is virtually nothing left in the system with which to build a recovery for the US and or the rest of the countries affected by the collapse of the oligarchical monetary system, based in the City of London, and going under the name now, of the Inter Alpha Banking Group, run by the Rothschilds etc. ONce Congress has passed HR 1489 The Return to Prudent Banking Act introduced by Marcy Kaptur D Ohio, then Glass Steagall will be back in effect and then Congress will have to go back to the Constitution and Article 1 Section 8 to start uttering Credit and have it issued through a new Federal Bank of the US. This credit will have to be for currency in the form of money, dollars, to fund infrastructure platform projects such as refunding NASA for reasons that I went into in response to the post by Ms Sage about Romney and his ad making a mockery of the idea of colonizing the Moon, and NAWAPA and the other industries that will have to go into action to support a complete economic recovery, like a mag lev railroad system, revamping the US Steel Industry, putting millions back to work before all their skills are lost, and teaching our youth how to learn so that they can gain the skills and the intellect to be able to create the solutions that will be required to achieve the goals of NAWAPA and the goals of NASA. This anxiety about the death of the monetary system is “MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING’ because it is and always was since before the Pelopenesian War, throughout the Roman Empire and the Venetian Banking Fiasco, a giant ponzi scheme. We should be happy to have this opportunity to be rid of it. We were to have gotten rid of it by fighting the War of Independence, when the aim was to start a new American Credit System, as enshrined in the Constitution and created by the mind of Alexander Hamilton. We have the tools at our finger tips to get out of the clutches of the oligarchs and their doomy talk about the deficit which was caused by the imposition of their monetarist, fascist politically dangerous plan to have the sovreignty of nations removed from them.
    And to place technocrats to rule over these tragic shells of what once was a sovreign nation like they just did in Greece and in Italy. We don’t want to invite that here to the US and so I suggest that this man who is so upset about the deficit takes a history lesson and learns that it’s completely unAmerican to be in the clutches of the FED and that the Constitution is all about supporting people not the “Market”. The way the congress is going on about the deficit makes it sound as though they are completely unaware of the fact that it takes generations to get big things accomplished and that unless we undertake them as the human species, not progress to ensure that we are prepared to survive as a species, we will most certainly face extenction. The way the WH and Congress is handling the economy is not in accordance with human economics, that is to say productivity. And value cannot be measured by maths. we have to think creatively and allow ourselves the liberty to look ahead a few generations and get ready for the future. There is so much to do, and austerity isn’t the way.

  2. Great post DCG! Progs don’t care though… just want more, more, more!! “What’s in it for me!?” Ugh…


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