Bruce Jenner is transgender? I'm a transrace!

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A guest post by Justin (aka threepercent1755), FOTM’s Generation iYer who served in the USMC for 5 years. (See Justin’s self-introduction here.)

White Obama

White Obama

As many readers who have partaken in comments with me know, I always try to turn issues around on the “left.” Keep the gloves up, hit low and get a cheap shot in when you can, and secure victory. While many people may disagree with my tactics, let me show you how I think we can turn the fight around in America.
Over the past decade, I have noticed more and more people trying to alter their bodies claiming that they are a man or woman trapped in someone else’s body. While most of you reading this agree with me that this is absurd, it is being thrown at us as normal and we need to accept that people are different.
Let us play this game too. I have noticed many of the scholarships and grants available only to minorities. Please click here if you have any doubts.
Today, I will focus only on black American scholarships.
If a male can change his gender and legally use a female restroom, be considered a female in court, and marry as a female, then what is stopping a white from trans-racing to become a black man with pigmentation? The idea that one can change your chemical and biological background is complete idiocy. However, we now see all female schools allowing transgender students into their schools.
If this is the case, what is stopping someone from changing his or her race? While this may seem farfetched, is that not the road we are travelling down? As a young man, I can change my name, put on female clothes, and now apply for female schools under the presumption that I believe I am a female. What is to stop me from doing the same with my race? I can tan my skin, dye or remove my hair, and alter my eye color. In doing so, can I apply for an NAACP scholarship or put my name down as an African American on a political ballot?
If we use the argument that we cannot tell what sex humans are from genetic makeup, then mustn’t we throw out any segregation of DNA, including race? (All hypothetical, of course) Therefore, we cannot distinguish between male/female, caucasian, black, asian, latino or any other race, as one can claim they are in fact, trapped in another’s body, regardless of genetic makeup.
Once again, please remember the hypothetical and satire nature of this post. It is meant only as an example of how we can turn the fight back around on the new Liberal America, all while using the sandbox they have created for us to play in.

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0 responses to “Bruce Jenner is transgender? I'm a transrace!

  1. Brilliantly funny, Justin!

  2. See-the thing is-you don’t actually have to DO anything to become a different Race. You just have to “feel” like you’re Black,Oriental,Hispanic or American Indian. THAT makes it MUCH easier to benefit from other Nationalities;plus-you can step across that border and back as often as you like. GREAT work,Justin-Brilliant!


  4. Brilliantly done, to show just how crazy this world has become. Why people cannot be happy in their own skin and to work hard to make the very best of their lives, escapes me. Is all the changing just an excuse because of failure in their lives, so change is the easy way out? Don’t know, but something has to be in the water or the air. 50 years ago, you didn’t hear of this except in very rare cases. Now it seems to be an epidemic.
    Have people become so coddled that they can no longer handle a real life.
    People are defacing themselves, then turn around and use it as an excuse to not fit into society or to get a job.
    Hopefully, this will eventually fade away and on to the next abomination.

  5. Northerngirl

    Great job Justin!! This should keep Sharpton, Obama, etc. spinning in their beds at night. LOL!!😆😆

  6. Seemed to work for this guy: “Mindy Kaling’s brother: I faked being black to get into medical school”

  7. Ha ha ha ha! Great idea!

  8. This is an exceptionally clever application of the tactic that Rush calls “illustrating absurdity by being absurd”, and has the built-in bonus of being simple and irrefutable. Readers here who also post in other forums might like to consider using this argument whenever applicable in order to disseminate the idea as far as possible.
    Remember, Saul Alinsky would approve!


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