"Bronies" in our military…

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Warhorse: The military’s ‘My Little Pony’ fan club

Fox News: There’s a new insignia showing up on the sleeves of a small group of military men, but instead of denoting rank, it advertises their love for a cartoon inspired by the girlish 1980s plastic toy called “My Little Pony.”

So-called “Bronies,” adult men who are fans of the TV show “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic,” have apparently been around at least since 2010, when the Hasbro-owned cartoon first aired. Within their ranks are “Military Bronies,” service members from all branches of the military who share their love of the show and wear the “cutie mark” — a Rainbow Dash patch on their uniforms, Army Times first reported.
The bond may seem strange for men entrusted with defending their nation, but the Military Bronies’ Facebook page has more than 1,500 “likes” and has inspired websites like FOB Equestria, where members proudly display their patches and profess their love for a show aimed at children. In a post to the Facebook page, a self-described serviceman who gave his name, but no branch or rank said fellow Bronies have made a soldier out of him.
“You, the bronies, have taught me that there are things and people worth protecting; things bigger and more important than myself,” write Ken “Derpy” Catlin. “All because I decided to watch some “gay” little show about 6 ponies. Again, as I have said before, I cannot thank you, the MLP team, or the ponies themselves enough for what they have done for me, and this world.”
Within the larger group, military Bronies hold a place of honor. At a recent convention dubbed “BronyCon 2012″ in Secaucus, N.J., civilian Bronies cheered wildly when they spied brethren in uniform, according to the website BuzzFeed.
“We barely made it up to the top steps and everyone outside was cheering for us,” a National Guardsman identified as Darius told the site. “I didn’t know they were cheering for us, I thought one of the other guys had showed up, I thought it was [voice of the character “Discord”] John de Lancie or Lauren Faust. I started clapping because I figured if everyone else was clapping I’d do it too. Then my friend was like, ‘no dude, they’re clapping for us.’”
Not everyone gets it. A commenter on a Military Times forum was just one of many who questioned why grown men would feel such allegiance to a kids’ cartoon.
“I can think of at least four violations here: wearing a duty uniform while supposedly off-duty or at an unauthorized location; wearing an official Army uniform to an event that I guarantee the Army is not officially involved with; wearing a non-sanctioned patch on the uniform in place of current unit patch; and attending a My Little Pony convention.”
The show airs on Hub, a pay TV channel owned by Hasbro. Knowing the “My Little Pony” franchise has long been associated with little girls, the producers have sought to reel in males with more unisex storylines. The show stars Twilight Sparkle, a unicorn pony and five other ponies who are guided through ponyville by Princess Celestia.
As for the brass, asked if she had ever heard of the phenomenon of Military Bronies, a Pentagon spokeswoman said “I’m unaware of the concept. But when told about Rainbow Dash patches finding their way onto uniforms, the spokeswoman told FoxNews.com there could be a problem. “Please note, non-authorized, non-military patches are not authorized for wear on military uniforms,” she said.
On military brony website FOB Equestria, there are forums with topic headings you might expect about fan fiction, My Little Pony music and getting teased for “being brony.” Then there’s “What are you packing for heat?”  “All the other soldiers have AR rifles but I want a lever action Marlin in .45/70, I could even have ponies carved into the buttstock,” writes BinderBlues.
Bronies told the AP they’re a misunderstood lot who’ve gotten a bad rap from the media. They’re about the show, friendship, love and tolerance, and they have no bad intentions, they say.
Well kudos to these “bronies” for serving our country.  Can’t say I agree with them about the show teaching one that there are things bigger and more important than myself.  To each their own I guess.  I would suggest that non-sanctioned rainbow patches be removed from the uniform.  Course with the way our military is heading, wouldn’t surprise me if that is one day a sanctioned patch.
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0 responses to “"Bronies" in our military…

  1. Reblogged this on OyiaBrown.

  2. Maybe those “My Little Pony” rainbow patches are really a covert way of signaling they’re gay?

    • I call BS on that claim…spec ops are among the soldiers MOST LIKELY to wear random unauthorized patches, including references to cartoons. Granted, they only really do it once they’re outside the wire, so you won’t see it there in NC. Those guys have bigger things to worry about than giving their battle buddy a “a beat down” because they like a certain TV show.

    • That wouldn’t make any sense. If somebody is gay, and trying to be covert about it, why would they wear a freakin rainbow patch? On the other hand if they were trying to be obvious about it, then why not just ditch the cartoon reference altogether, since it could muddle their supposed “I’m gay” signal?

      • edward oleander

        It kinda does make sense, D. The gay community has been underground for so long that they have developed a LOT of recognition signals that fly under the radar of most straights. Many of them are kind of blatant, but still work since most of the population either isn’t clued in, or doesn’t WANT to see what’s right in front of them. A lot of people STILL don’t realize that Monty Python, Queen, and the Village People were all gay. Many of the signals ARE open to “muddling” because these sorts of signals have to have a “legit” front to masquerade behind…
        In addition, it could be that some of those who are straight, but are sympathetic to the cause of gay rights, might wear (and cheer) the patch as a sign of camaraderie. I would.
        I’m pretty sure that’s why the cheering was so enthusiastic. The community is “testing the waters” with their new accepted status in the military, and the openness of the patch is a symbol… THAT is what they were cheering, or at least, that’s my take on the whole thing.

        • In Queen, Freddie Mercury was gay/bi. He died of AIDS after denying it for years, less than a day after he admitted to having the disease. The rest of the band, Roger Taylor and Brian May were/are straight. Graham Chapman of Monty Python was the only gay member of the comedy troupe. He died of throat cancer, not HIV related, in 1989.

        • Ask a guy in the military if he wants to know the sexual orientation of his fellow soldier – you’ll get a big fat no. Camaraderie is developed through respect, rank, loyalty, and your ability to follow orders. Sexual orientation is the farthest thing from a soldier’s mind. And it’s not the military’s job to cheer on homosexual rights. Unfortunately, now that the WOT is supposedly over (my adopted soldier in the sandbox might disagree), the military is unfocused on its main goal and developing into some social justice program, in some aspects.

          • edward oleander

            DCG – Wasn’t talking about the military in general, only the gay community and those who accept and befriend them. The military at large would be the waters the comrades showing/cheering the patch are testing. And i agree, the military isn’t about “cheering” any one groups right. They are about *upholding* our freedoms as a nation. Part of that, to me, means upholding the rights to be a part of that military. Kind of like what so many other minorities have gone through to attain full integration into the military. Sorry if i wasn’t clear there.
            SDF – You go ahead and keep telling yourself that… 😉

            • I guess you know something I don’t about their sexuality, but fyi, I have no vested interest – I’m not trying to force myself to believe something I want to be true, I don’t boycott entertainment or entertainers due to their sexual preference. I like Rob Halford, Freddie Mercury and Elton John’s music just as much as I would if they liked women.

        • Well, with DADT being repealed and lots of folk admitting to being gay (with everyone else going “What, you want a cookie?”) the Bronies only need a patch… to admit being wienies. Not gay, just dippy. (Really, gay soldiers wouldn’t admit this.)

  3. Wow that’s something I would NEVER openly admit to….
    Now if it was a let say…batman, Halo, Medal of Honor/Call of Duty insignia all well and good but MLP’s, heck no. You might as well put a sign on your back that says “yeah, you can kick my ass.”

    • The line in the sand has moved. 30 years ago, openly liking batman or any other comic book superhero was like wearing a sign that says “yeah, you can kick my ass”. After all, that crap is for super dorks and 40 year old virgins, right?

  4. In some parts, if you walked into a bar with a patch like that you’d end up getting your a** kicked in the parking lot…

  5. Have all see the my little ;pony show, and that show will change the world for the better making all see all as sisters, and brothers loving all as one obliterating all war forever. The good prinsiples of my Lord are in that show meekly portrayed.

    • That’s to be expected, coming from a bestialist. Oops, zoosexualist.
      I wish People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals would go after you.

    • “They know the truth of what is, not the fairy tale of what should be.” I like it. That’s a really good line.

  6. Them dang str8 people got too much anyway… “social justice” in action.

  7. What about a Quiddich (SP?)patch, or “Team Jacob”, sheesh, where does it end??

  8. I’m a military bronie. Ex spec ops Army. My daughter is the reason i started watching it thanks to my 5yr old daughter. I continue too watch it for the same reason alot of other guys do (and something major you left out of your article), because it had helped me tremendously in coping with my PTSD. We’re not perverts, pedophiles, or dissenters….we’re good men trying to find some light in life after seeing how atrocious the world can be. We’re looking for a reason to keep going…. MLP does what ask the military and VA head shrinks apparently couldn’t….

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