British singer would push a button to kill Trump for the safety of humanity

Good luck getting through Customs on your next visit to the USA.
From Fox News: Morrissey said if he was given the chance to kill President Trump, he would take it for the “safety of humanity.”
The former Smiths frontman told the German publication der Spiegel that he would not hesitate to kill Trump if presented with a button that would kill the president.
“I would [push it], for the safety of humanity,” Morrissey told the German outlet according to a translation of the interview by the Washington Times. “It has nothing to do with my personal opinion of his face or his family, but in the interest of humanity I would push.”
The 58-year-old also said he believes Trump won the election because of the media.
“The American media helped Trump, yes, they first created it,” he said. “Whether they criticize him or laugh at him, he does not care, he just wants to see his picture and his name. The American media have shot themselves in the leg.”
Morrissey also said he was shocked Trump won and he now has “no faith” in the political system.
“He grabs after everything like a little child. He is not a leader. He is vermin,” he said of Trump.

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Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented: Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents. Well, well, another pussy willow, they give up very easy, look at WWII – now they are giving up without a fight again – rather than fight for their country – he sings about giving up the struggle and just let the muslims have everything. Just tell the American airports to keep him out of America. In fact, tell him to go vote another muslim mayor into office like in London who stated that the London people have to accept the fact they will be blown up and GET USE TO… Read more »


Even though Morrissey’s British…comment image


And now we have another celebrity that knows nothing of value.

Dr. Eowyn

First of all, I’ve never heard of this singer — whether as Steven Morrissey or his pretentious single name Morrissey — and certainly will never buy or listen to his music.
Second, He is a Brit and should mind his own business.
Third, henceforth, let no one on the Left EVER claim to be “tolerant” and get away with that narcissistic, self-serving lie.


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He would do well to aim his attacks at his own country’s leaders since his country is going down the tubes. And to prove what an idiot he is, he said Trump won because of the media, in reality he won in spite of the media.
Don’t know who this turd is and have no plans to look him up. He looks like a has been.

Steven Broiles

I liked Morrissey when he was with The Smiths; They put out some great tunes, back in the ’80’s. But, Alas, I am not surprised in the least at his opinion: 99% of everyone in the media are the Whacked-Out Left. And I wouldn’t ascribe that to whatever they were smoking: I would lay the blame at the lack of an education rooted firmly in the Natural Law. On the other hand, I do understand that many in the entertainment realm get the fame game—they spew out whatever they think will help their careers, and what they think is another… Read more »