Britain discovers test kits contaminated with covid-19

Who would think that a batch of covid-19 test kits would turn up contaminated with covid-19? Well, it’s happened. Great Britian  is the first to report contaminated test kits.  The story goes as follows.

Britain’s attempts to step up its testing for the novel coronavirus have suffered a setback after some key parts of the testing kits that were due to be imported were found to have been contaminated with the coronavirus. The Daily Telegraph reported that British labs have been told to expect a delay in the delivery some of the components of the kits after traces of the virus were detected on them. The British government has been criticized for its relatively low testing rates, which are way behind other wealthy nations like Germany, the United States, and South Korea. The government brought in foreign private firms to help produce thousands of kits, but it’s one of those suppliers—the Luxembourg-based firm Eurofins—that has told British labs that some of the components have been contaminated.

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I wanted to remind people that when you get tested for covid-19, a swab is used to collect samples.  Besides being used to test for covid-19, these samples can be used to log your DNA  in a database.

Some DNA collecting uses a swab to collect samples  from the cheek, inside the mouth.

Covid-19 testing uses a swab to collect samples  from the upper nasal passage .   I’ve also seen where they  collect a second sample by using  a swab to collect samples from the cheek, inside the mouth.   The second sample is collected exactly like they collect samples for DNA test.

Why the second sample?

CDC provides the test kits for public health laboratories (PHLs) to perform real-time RT-polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19) in respiratory specimens. CDC received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on February 4, 2020 for use of this rRT-PCR test to detect the virus in upper and lower respiratory specimens.

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I’m not saying your DNA is being collected and logged.  I’m saying it is a possibility. 

If you think about it. What would be a better opportunity to collect DNA from people? Take that information and crosscheck it against a database of unsolved crimes,  missing persons or fugitives from justice that have changed their identities.  Maybe just keep it in a database for future use.

Covid-19 pandemic and testing opens the opportunity for conspiracies to thrive.  I can think of many.  One being DNA collecting, like I just described.  Another could be that they are using the nasal passage swab to insert a nano-microchip,  smart dust, nano-bot or self sustaining micro fibers.  Any one of these could be used for mind control. To take it a step further I would ask the question “If covid-19 is so contagious, why do they need 2 samples and why do they need a sample that’s buried deep in the back of your nasal passage?  Wouldn’t a saliva sample be sufficient?

Indeed, any of these is entirely possible.  A person has to be responsible when presenting these ideas.  Until factual evidence is provided a person should remember that these conspiracy theories are only theories.    Not proven to be true.  At least, not yet.  Question everything but stay grounded.

When it comes to “anything government”  I always remember that whenever I sign a waiver or release form I make sure I take the time to read every detail.   You never know what has been added to the release form or waiver.  Just like a bill in Congress, you could be signing away something that has nothing to do with what you are there for.

One source on DNA test kits click here.

For more details on covid-19 tests kits click here


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9 months ago

And of course as I and others have pointed out repeatedly, PCR-based tests are diagnostically useless. They pick up fragments of viral genomes and amplify them so if you’ve had a cold recently, or have fragments of any other corona virus in your system (very likely) you’re going to test positive, no C-19 virus necessary. And once again, if a pathogen has to be massively amplified to even be detected, how relevant can that pathogen possibly be? Unless it’s present in abundance (in which case it could be relatively easily cultured and examined) it’s just there, a passenger, and can’t… Read more »

9 months ago

To understand this it’s only necessary to think. And to arrive at the whole truth it’s often necessary to think the unthinkable. Unfortunately most people would rather die than think

Jackie Puppet
9 months ago

Thanks for the heads-up regarding possible DNA collection & mark of the beast type stuff, DP. I get screened with a thermometer everyday when I go into a hospital for some of my work, and get a few standard questions asked quickly. I could lie about my whereabouts & my actual health, and none would be the wiser if I contracted Covid19 or not. I shake my head at everybody wearing masks which don’t do a bit of good except to make them psychologically feel better. I wore an N95 mask for the first time last weekend, but that was… Read more »

9 months ago


Kevin J Lankford
Kevin J Lankford
9 months ago

No body told em they weren’t supposed to tell any one.

9 months ago

I’ve been checking my temp. every day,as the absolute maximum concession I would make on this. My temp has ALWAYS run from one to two degrees colder than the accepted 98.6-at least that USED to be the accepted normal. NOW it might be 101 or something-I just can’t trust much of ANYTHING I hear that might have a Democrat behind it……

9 months ago


9 months ago

I thought this would be an “April fools” article, LOL!
I’m not surprised, after all what better way to spread this bio weapon? When they cram that huge q-tip up your nose, it is way easy to inoculate victims with the virus.