Bristol Palin Goes Liberal; Spurns Mom Sarah

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“How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is
To have a thankless child!” – Shakespeare’s King Lear
Sarah Palin knows.
Her daughter Bristol has gone liberal and forbids Sarah from visiting because she finds her mother “too conservative.”
This is the same Bristol whom Sarah unreservedly supported throughout the teen’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy. This is the same Bristol who would never have been invited to be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) if it were not for her mother’s fame. This is the same Bristol whose mother endured boos from the audience when she came to see and cheer her daughter at DWTS. This is the same Bristol, 20 years old without a college education or a job, who would never have been able to buy a $172,000 house in Arizona were it not for her DWTS earnings. This is the same Bristol who at age 20 would never be signed to a book deal to write her memoir (!) with publishing house William Morrow & Co. if it were not for her mother’s fame.

Sarah with the sharp-toothed one

From the UK’s Daily Mail, April 28, 2011:

Bristol Palin has reportedly banned her mother Sarah from her new house in Maricopa [Arizona] because she is too controlling – and too conservative.

The 20-year-old has become increasingly liberal since her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, and is said to have had a huge row with Mrs Palin when she announced she was considering supporting gay marriage.

According to the National Enquirer, she has told her mother to stay out of her house until she accepts her new views – which Mrs Palin is worried could harm her own political ambitions.

Bristol is hoping her mother will back down if she refuses to let her see her grandson, Tripp.

Bristol is believed to have developed a more liberal stance when she moved to Los Angeles to work on Dancing with the Stars last year. One of her co-performers was Dutch dancer Louis Van Amstel, who revealed he was gay in a 2009 interview.

Bristol bought a $172,000 house in Maricopa, Arizona, last year, and moved there with her two-year-old son in December.

It comes just two months after the Enquirer reported Bristol could be working with Michelle Obama on a new project, a move said to have sent Mrs Palin into a fury. It’s not the only career aspiration her mother disapproves of – she is also said to be angry at Bristol’s plans for a ‘big project’ in Hollywood.

That is not the least of Sarah’s woes. Earlier this week Tripp’s father, Bristol’s ex-fiance and media whore Levi Johnston, announced he plans to write a memoir about his time living with the Palins. The title of this 20-year-old’s “memoir” is Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs.
Read the whole Daily Mail article here.

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0 responses to “Bristol Palin Goes Liberal; Spurns Mom Sarah

  1. Candance Moore

    Wait… she got swarmed by handlers on a TV set and they turned her into a different person? Color me unsurprised.
    When she’s no longer young and pretty, and when liberals’ obsession with the Palins starts to fade, this unskilled woman will find herself gone by the wayside.

  2. mama needs to pull the money tree up!

  3. Even worse, Laura Bush also came out in favor of pro-choice abortion.

  4. Well now that’s a shame. Hope her and her mom can make amends some day.

  5. LOL – Who didn’t see this coming?

  6. For people that are confused by whether a photo is real or Photoshopped, try Photoshopped Image Killer. This free website maybe can give your answer. By analyzing something like Exif data or so. But it it really bad that the seller is touching op those images? Maybe he just sharpened the image and removed some things from the background.

  7. While I don’t think that anyone should necessarily shut their mother out of their life, Bristol is becoming her own person and forming her own views. That’s not thankless–that’s just life.

  8. While I agree that this seems extreme, keep in mind the following:
    1) We don’t know their family and the troubles that lead to this. You’d be ignorant if you assumed you knew the exact situation that lead to this and that Bristol is completely at fault. She may be, but you can’t assume it.
    2) The article, if it is to be believed, appears to indicate the cause of strife is that Sarah Palin is controlling and is more concerned with the impact Bristol’s new views have on her career than on her own daughter’s maturation. Part of growing (because she still is growing, by the way) is exploring different views and establishing your own identity. Her mom, if this is true, is trying to suppress that for her own gains. The “too conservative” part appears to have been thrown in to get more readers (America seems to have an inability to understand that kids are allowed to have different views than their parents and it shouldn’t undermine the parent’s career).
    3) You can’t blame Bristol for the boos Sarah “endured” at DWTS. Sarah “endured” boos because she says a lot of stupid things. That’s on her shoulders, not her child’s.
    4) While you don’t come out and say it outright, you seem to be coming down harder on Bristol because her new views are liberal. I can’t help but wonder if the situation were identical but Sarah was liberal and Bristol was turning conservative if you would be blaming Sarah for being a bad parent.
    Before you lose your hats, the most important thing to remember is that Bristol is *20*. She’s thinking. She’s learning. She’s growing. In the end, she may become liberal or she may swing back to conservative. Think back to when you were her age and ask yourself if you’d stand up to your own criticism. If you had any sense, you’d give her a break and let her grow.

    • Yes Giv she’s only 20 and still growing. When I was her age, I had already voted for the first time for president and it was Reagan. And I’ve never strayed from being a conservative. Guess each person goes through their own personal growing pains.
      And Sarah Palin deserved boos for the stupid things she says? What exactly are you referring to? Was it the comment of the 57 states she had visited? Double standards is all libs know…

    • OK, I’ll do what you ask, I’m “thinking back to when” I was Bristol’s age….
      When I was 20, I had already left my home, thousands of miles away across the oceans from America. I was totally on my own, without a penny’s support from my parents, feeling insecure and quite frightened. I had finished 2 years of junior college and was accepted into UC Berkeley. Being a foreign student in the U.S., I was still learning about American politics, although I was affected by the liberal college culture. Whatever disagreements I had with my parents, I NEVER EVER criticized or castigated them for who they were and what they believed, and I most certainly NEVER EVER forbade them from my home, and if I had a child (which I didn’t), I would NEVER EVER use their grandchild as a pawn. The way Bristol reportedly treats her mother would be UNTHINKABLE. Both my Catholic faith and my native culture instruct: Honor thy father and thy mother.
      A person can develop her own adult views and beliefs WITHOUT being disrespectful and contemptuous of her parents. You are equating autonomy with rudeness, disrespect, and ingratitude. You are confusing respect and gratitude toward one’s parents with not being “your own person.” Developing an autonomous self does NOT entail disrespect and cruelty toward one’s parents, esp. one’s mother who carried you in her womb for 9 months and gave birth to (instead of aborting) you.
      I feel sorry for you.


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