Bringing up baby

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A baby bobcat was found by the road in Florida, her mother nowhere to be found.
Here’s the story of how the good folks at Big Cat Rescue managed to raise baby Hope for eventual release into the wild.

Even when it’s the darkest, there’s always Hope!

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  1. That’s cool but they should have known to bring in the mother cat’s litter with them. I remember bottle feeding calves and sometimes the neighbor city boys would come by and want to help. We told them OK now hold the bottle just like this, between their legs… You country folks are laughing very hard right now…

  2. …a neighbor took pity on a poor starving kitty that had
    ‘lost it’s tail’. He brought it into the nice warm barn and fed it
    until it regained it’s strength…aside from some missing barn cats,
    all was fine until lambing season . It weighed out at 32 pounds.

  3. Bobcats interbreed with the local feral cat population in El Paso… can make for some interesting pet cats from Animal Rescue there.

  4. Kitty sure in a hurry to get back in the woods – woo hoo!

  5. As a cat lover and the owner of 2 lovely felines I really appreciate your article. Only a true cat person can truly appreciate what these wonderful animals add to our daily lives.


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