Brilliant letter to the editor from an Obama voter

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drought letter

We’re doomed . . . .

H/t FOTM’s Wild Bill Alaska


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0 responses to “Brilliant letter to the editor from an Obama voter

  1. OMG, is this for real? Do they really vote? Sounds like the same person that wanted the deer crossing sign moved so the deer would cross somewhere else. I’m just saying.

  2. Such blatant stupidity! In print! Does this fool even know the earth revolves around the sun? Geez Louise!

  3. Well, we don’t call ’em “Libtards” fer nothin’. In addition to Glen’s mentioning of the stupid ‘Deer Crossing Woman’ above, remember the letter to the editor written by an 0bama supporter from S. Carolina who’s beef with the Birther Movement was predicated upon his/her notion that ‘Natural-Born Citizen’ meant vaginal birth as opposed to C-section.

    Yep, a whole lotta stupid out there in 0bamaland, but hey, at least they’ve got free phones, right? And free, subsidized shortbus shuttles to the pols too.

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  5. Anything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung. ~ Voltaire

    ♪ I’m a global warming freak ♫
    ♪ Short and stout ♪
    ♪ The days are getting longer ♫
    ♫ And I fart way too much .♪

  6. Wow! I had no idea Al Gore used “Chris Hill” as a pen name!

  7. …….And they say tin cans make the most noise !

  8. You’re right Dr. Eowyn, we’re doomed!

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  10. Now—see how hard it is to have a conversation with anyone in a blue state? First, you have to explain all the concepts, then you have to define all the vocabulary, then go back over the content again a second time….by then you are either exhausted or forgot what the point was, anyway. So, to avoid all that, I usually just nod my head and say, “I see.” & go on my way. You can’t fix stupid.

  11. D’oh! (Hey, you forgot your “free” phone!)

  12. Are there really so many dumb people in this country? My gosh, it’s stunning.

  13. Let’s say Chris Hill lives in Florida. Maybe he is thinking like this: “Everyday *FEELS* like a Drought during DST”! 🙂

    Add a Florida SUMMER + DST & you have the BRUTAL FLA SUN @ 98-degrees with 100-percent HUMIDITY BEATING DOWN on your head from 10 AM all the way until 9 PM at night! Oh boy, I can’t even tell you how much I DESPISE DST. And they keep stretching it longer & longer (first they added all of April, then they added all of October! Grrrr).

    Now, true, DST may not CAUSE drought, but it surely does NOT save Electricity either, which was one of their supposed big fat ideas for instigating it in the first place (plus the “woe is me, the kids will have to go to school in the dark” for a few weeks). DST causes your dwelling to STAY HOTTER LONGER, all the way into the mid-evening, so your AC kicks into HIGH GEAR & STAYS that way longer than it would normally, so DST causes MORE Electric Use vs. LESS.

    Somebody in Arizona had some brains as they are the only state on the continent that rejected DST.

    Book re the REAL reasons for DST… Guess who? You can start with the Banksters! Then you can thank Halloween CANDY makers! Then you can thank GOLFERS! Then you can thank MALL operators! Etc. — I saw this author on TV several years ago & thought, “Well, THAT figures! I should’ve known… Follow the $$$, not the sun nor your electric meter!”

    “Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Time” by Michael Downing:

  14. PS: Did not mean for that link to show an “ad”! It is not an “affliate” link of mine. I merely clicked on it from another site & then copied the link from amazon. If you can re-do it just as a link only, please do! Sorry about that!


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