Brides Decide: When Is It Better Not to Hyphenate?

Okay, okay!  I should have warned you this was kind of tacky; but, all of these published in newspapers.  My former boss emailed them to me and I thought they were funny….. also, I need her recommendation in my job search!  LOL!
H/T to the best employer I ever had, Carrie, who’s also a very generous friend and all around good friend!  (And I’m NOT sucking up)

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Dr. Eowyn

These are funny, LTG!
Imagine an offspring of the Hardy-Harrs marrying someone with the last name Ha. Their child(ren) would have the last name Hardy-Harr-Ha.

Jim Satnan
Jim Satnan

I believe women should keep their maiden names unless painfully embarrassing. I have always felt that assuming the husband’s name is like being branded his. Why couldn’t the male assume the wife’s name if they are truly equal? It has always seemed sexist to me. Hyphenated names are a step in the right direction but why would the husband’s name be the second? Hyphenated names can have some serious consequences as evident in the aforementioned — how very embarrassing!! But good for laughs.


This reminds me of a former employee of mine whose family name was “Zamm”. He had two daughters, one by his first marriage and the other by his second, when I knew him. He told me he’d named his first girl “Aleca”, which I think would have been difficult for her to live with through years of roll call at school. “Aleca Zamm” might have been amusing to him, but perhaps not so much for Aleca.