Bride makes a “twerking” entrance to her wedding reception

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At least she didn’t set her private parts on fire. I guess that’s something her new husband is thankful for.


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30 responses to “Bride makes a “twerking” entrance to her wedding reception

  1. She’s so good at it she must be “twerking” for a looooong time.

  2. How revolting. This woman just invites racist comments.

    Hey, does this mean she wasn’t a virgin when she got married? /Sarc

    • “How revolting. This woman just invites racist comments.”

      How revolting? Let me count the ways… uncouth, vulgar, disgusting, unchaste, whorish , shameless etc. etc.

      I think it was in one of E Michael Jones’ book Libido Dominandi or the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit that he mentioned Blacks and their sexual morality, or should I say lack of it. If I remember correctly he said that certain gov agencies and churches had found it an impossibility to to bring sexual continence or restraint to the Black communities so they would not have so many babies out of wedlock. As it has gone on the Jews have taken Black sexual behaviors and sold it to the White kids through the media and music. Sadly for the most part it has worked. Racial equality now means we can all act in a degrading manner, though at least I haven’t seen video of White brides twerking ( yet) .

  3. So comfortable with gratuitous vulgarity. But they’re outraged when stereotyped.

  4. This marriage will last…

  5. At least she didn’t expose her vulva…. I hope.

  6. Lotsa flab to slap around, wham!

  7. White women are not built like that.

  8. Now for a touching moment in the ceremony where they play the newly married couples song….. “WHOOMP DERE IT IS! WHOOMP DERE IT IS!”…
    Nothing says ghetto like a scene like this…. Unreal…

  9. I am neither prude nor easily offended…….. BUT (and that is a big BUTT) I will not watch this! Disgusting! Then again, don’t we need to embrace our diversity? No thank you.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  10. Almost as classy as the vienna sausages anf grape kool aide at the reception!

  11. LOL – Who would marry THAT?

  12. in contrast…………

  13. This is how she’ll be remembered forever on the internet. It’s easier to remove a tattoo or in her case fattoo.

  14. That tribe is just nasty… She puts jello to shame….


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