Brian Williams is now concerned with “Fake News”

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From the man who was suspended from NBC News for a fake Iraq helicopter story. And he quoted a BuzzFeed News study as his source. Dan Rather would be proud.
Lyin' Brian Williams2

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0 responses to “Brian Williams is now concerned with “Fake News”

  1. Thank you for reporting this, DCG. The MSM finally recognizes the role that alternative news sources played in their downfall.

  2. The height of irony: Brian Williams, the poster child of fake news, denounces the “fake news” of the Alternative Media that actually report the truths that professional MSM hacks like Williams will not report.
    Brian Williams is utterly without shame.

    • Mr Williams truly displays the height of hypocrisy. This bonehead is scared that he won’t have a job after all the people become enlightened and switch him off permanently. I would love to see him slip on the icy sidewalks of New York, where he would have to take 6-9 months away from the spot light, in other words–give us a rest already!

  3. He should talk…

  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Hardly a morning goes by that I don’t turn on the morning news just to here stories already making the rounds on internet sites. Of course its only the news stories that do not conflict with the agendas of their puppet masters, usually just human interest stories. There is no doubt, they use the same alternative sources themselves rather than perform their own duties as journalists, when it suits their purposes.

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  6. The ONLY news source that these jerks call fake are news sources that don’t agree with THEIR interpretations of the news! That also goes for Dumbocrat politicians that hare news sources that won’t agree with their lies. If they had their way we would have only ONE source of news. Probably The Communist News Network ( CNN)! And these are the same people always crying for diversity!

    • I don’t much like other people to “analyze” the news as it usually takes on their opinion or their ideology. I don’t really need the to inturpit the news for me.

  7. Out of sight out of mind -it hurts the pocket. Brian will do anything to get back in the saddle again. His reputation is tarnished and his credibility of reporting will always be questionable. MSNBC will maintain him relegated because they can’t afford to loose any more viewers.

  8. That is just a minor indication of the great desperation they have. Expect worse.

  9. I used to have a somewhat neutral opinion of him until he did that softball interview with Obama. Add bum kisser to liar.

  10. I remember one clear example of ‘fake news’ and that was the report and the later claim of Hillary getting off a plane and ducking under fire from whomever. It was later reported false but never did Hillary or anyone in her company on that same plane ever say the report was wrong. She took the kudo’s for an act that never happened.

    • She dodged sniper fire in Bosnia. It’s true! LOL

    • Another big story she passed around and ended in the deaths of four fine men was the video about Benghazi.
      Williams and Clinton are both graduates of the Dan Rather school of BS.
      You can take all those from the liberal left and you won’t find one cup of credibility.

  11. LOL – Lyin’ Brian is the gift that just keeps on giving.

  12. The Butcher Holler meme made me LOL! Thanks, DCG!

  13. Remember how NBC lightened the skin of Travon MArtin and only showed pictures of when he was younger and not the strapping boy he was?? I think they have been complicit in the race problems that are happening now. Even if it was only to use a large fan on the smoldering flames.


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