Brevard College professor pushes leftist agenda

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UPDATE (April 18, 2013): College fires Sharon Sweet, at last! Go here for story.

UPDATE (Sept. 18): Sharon Sweet has been put on unpaid administrative leave. Go here for story.

Professor makes class sign “Vote for Obama” pledge

Watchdog Wire: A citizen, whose nephew attends Brevard Community College, reports that he brought home the above pledging to vote for President Obama. The bookmark and pledge was handed out during a mathematics class taught by Assistant Professor Sharon Sweet. This occurred “while the student was in class at the request of his College Algebra teacher, Sharon Sweet, from Brevard Community College in [Melbourne] Florida.”

On the tear away pledge form that students recieved, was the requirement to “state their party affiliation”. The student reported that Sweet has repeatedly stated her personal political views in support of President Obama in class. The student noted, “There is an older gentleman in the class that will argue with her but he said most of the students did not.” is a site paid for by the Obama-Biden campaign to urge Floridians to register and vote. The website is targeted at young voters.

It appears Sweet may have violated the College’s harassment policy by handing out the GOTTA VOTE pledge. The Brevard Community College policy on harassment states:

Harassment is any repeated or unwelcome verbal or physical abuse which intimidates or causes the recipient discomfort or humiliation or which interferes with the recipient’s educational or job performance. Any form of harassment related to an employee’s, applicant’s, student’s, or student applicant’s race, ethnicity, color, genetics, religion, national origin, age, gender, gender preference, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status, ancestry or political affiliation is a violation of this policy. [Emphasis added]

Brevard College policy states, “Any employee or student of this institution, who is found to have harassed another employee or student … will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination, suspension and or expulsion, within the provisions of applicable current College Procedures and Board rules.”

NOTE: According to the Brevard Community College staff directory, Sharon Sweet is an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at the Melbourne Campus. A request for comment has been sent to Ms. Sweet and Ms. Darla Ferguson, Chief Equity & Diversity Officer for Brevard Community College.

Sharon Sweet doesn’t have a great rating on, with an overall average of 2.8 (out of 5).  One person noted, “She is an awful person. Told the class no excuses you miss a test its an F. My sister passed away, I got an F, for attending her funeral. Sad Sad Lady. She doesn’t explain and doesn’t help.”

Maybe the publicly supported institution can explain why Ms. Sweet is pushing her political agenda on her students?  Contact information:

James Richey, President: (321) 433-7000.

Sharon Sweet, Assistant Professor: (321) 433-5105.


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0 responses to “Brevard College professor pushes leftist agenda

  1. Sharon Sweet should be fired, or at a minimum, be denied tenure.

  2. It’s one thing for a person in this capacity to have and share personal views, and have the literature available to individuals. It distrubs me that they require sudents to sign the pledge, which violates the college policy, and probably nothing will happen. And, nowdays the Giddeons are disallowed from handing out FREE bibles. Folks, WAKE UP.
    Mike Clampitt, Candidate 119th NC House of Representatives.

    • Mr. Clampitt:

      Thank you for visiting and commenting on Fellowship of the Minds. We are honored.

      Mike Clampitt is a retired Fire Captain. He is a Republican running for the House of Representatives in NC’s 119th District. He is Christian, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, against Agenda 21. Here’s his campaign website:

      ~Dr. Eowyn
      Owner, FOTM

  3. I have this teacher, but I fear posting this. This teacher also uses her online classes to push her political affiliation. After requiring her students to list their political affiliation in a discussion forum. After stating mine was Republican, one of my quizzes was incorrectly graded. After proving the grades were correct, I requested that the grade be changed and it was. What scared me was how much agenda is pushed in class, and that my grades suffered for not sharing her view.

    • Clearly that should not be allowed. Have you spoken to the admin about her?

    • “In the mist of difficulty lies opportunity”. It could be that this ‘person’ is really toying with you to see what you are made of. They are looking to see if: “you know something is wrong-what are you going to do about it. Be bold-say something, or, be submissive, and be thankful for whatever you get”.
      One thing I have learned: “Stand up for the right-and the right will stand for you”.

    • Scared Student,

      I am a retired Full Professor. If you were a student who came to me with this, I would advise you to:

      1. Go to your department Chair, and tell him or her about this teacher. What she is doing is improper and meant to intimidate — all of which has NOTHING to do with teaching or the course.

      2. If your department Chair refuses to help you, then go to the Dean of your college (each academic department belongs to a “college”, and a university is comprised of many colleges, as in College of Engineering or College of Mathematics or College of Arts and Science).

      3. If the Dean refuses to do something, then go to your university’s Ombudsman, or straight up to your university’s President.

      Do it! Remember “all that it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing”. As mike6222 counseled you, be bold! One of my favorite quotes is:

      “Be bold, and mighty forces will come to assist you!”

      Put on the armor of God and the shield of faith, and go forth!

      • Politics and especially the students’ political party affiliation OF COURSE have NOTHING to do with Mathematics — or any other academic discipline. This professor is misusing and abusing her power. What she is doing is improper, unethical, and violates every college/university’s academic rule and policy.

        My advice to the students:

        1. Follow the chain of command: Go to the department chair first; then the college dean; then the university ombudsman; lastly the university president.
        2. Keep a paper trail. Document EVERYTHING, including if possible, videotape what the professor does and says.
        3. Tell the college or university student newspaper about this, or contribute an article yourself.

    • Hey, now you know how left/liberals “redefine merit”… goodbye academic integrity, hello Thought Police.

  4. Wow, she must really suck at math.


  5. I’d like to know more about this Professor, her race/ethnicity….as a parent who pays for college I would be fuming!

  6. Heck, I got a C in a Poli Sci course after bringing up Pol Pot with and A and 2 Bs on the exams… guess I got an F for class participation.

  7. she should be fired.

  8. The class she is teaching this semester is “Math for Liberal Arts” which is admittedly, the class we take to get out of Algebra. She used a section in the book referring to Voting Methods to initiate the political discussion for the online class. Then my quiz was incorrectly graded. However, after I requested that the incorrectly marked grades be changed, she did correct the grade for the quiz. Therefore I did not take this further with the school. However, I feel that maybe I should have. If only I had known that I wasn’t the only one being harassed for a difference in political views. It just doesn’t seem real that someone would take politics that far.

    • Thanks, Jim Sweet. (You’re not related to her, Sharon Sweet, by any chance?)

      We need a photo of Sharon Sweet, but I’ve scoured the net and can’t find one. Do you have one?

  9. This is the TRASH that we pay for, to get my son’s education. Fire the unfit communist !


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