Breitbart Warned the Left – Bring It On!

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0 responses to “Breitbart Warned the Left – Bring It On!

  1. So sad that a great voice for freedom is silenced. Rest in peace, Andrew. I was a big fan and loved your work.

  2. Michael Johnson

    Demonizing liberals for demonizing conservatives? Making fun of liberals while complaining about liberals making fun of conservatives? Disparaging the OWS movement while complaining about the Tea Party movement being disparaged? Pretty hypocritical.

    • Breitbart’s goal was to deal with the media and expose them for their outlandish behaviors, lack of reporting facts, and their desire to twist truths. He had to play hardball in order to get his voice heard. You think he could debate any lib outfit without exposing their tactics and throwing them back in their face? I don’t see what he did as demonizing or making fun of lbs…truth hurts. If they are going to go Alinsky, they get what they deserve.
      No propaganda is your avi? That’s rich as that is all that comes out of the SRM today.

  3. Michael Johnson

    You don’t see that he demonized and made fun of liberals? Did you even watch the video?
    4:37 “You Occupy freaks…”
    5:51 “Thats how the left rolls…”
    6:23 “The least tolerant people you will ever meet…”
    10:10 “Racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change…”
    12:28 He mocks the Occupy movement.
    And which “media” are you referring to?
    CNN? Fluff disguised as news.
    Fox News? Right wing propaganda disguised as news.
    MSNBC? Lame left wing imitation of Fox News.
    NPR? Left wing biased coverage.

    • I’m not going to argue with you anymore about what you think Breitbart does, not today.
      In fact, I’m done with you. I’m not wasting any more time reasoning with someone who comes onto our blog, starts throwing opinions around – especially about us and how we mock Americans. Adios.

    • LOL – Yeah, it kinda sux when the shoe is on the other foot, don’t it?

    • Boo hoo. This isn’t Kinergarten where you can bench someone because you don’t like HOW they said something.

  4. Michael Johnson

    I’d love to respond, but the people who love America and believe in the Constitution don’t think I should be able to express my opinion.


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