Breitbart Said Everything is on the Line at this Time

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On February 19th the Daily Caller posted a series of video clips of a very recent Ginni Thomas interview with Andrew Breitbart.  He starts by stating that, “right now everything is on the line.”   Here are the links to the clips that comprise the entire interview.

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0 responses to “Breitbart Said Everything is on the Line at this Time

  1. Thanks! These are important, and I will be sending them to my ffamily members and friends who may not have seen these.
    RIP Andrew Breitbart

  2. RIP Andrew Breitbart a true Newsman and patriot exposing the mainstream media for their hypocrisy you will be truly missed

  3. hard to see a bit of light in this through the pain , but :
    perhaps the most fitting tribute is to continue the battle


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