Breitbart Agrees With Me!

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I just listened to Armstrong Williams interview Andrew Breitbart on C-Span Book TV.  
 About halfway through the 1 hour interview Breitbart said he was in favor of a Herman Cain/Allen West ticket for 2012.   Very good interview!      ~LTG

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0 responses to “Breitbart Agrees With Me!

  1. Andres Breitbart knows how to command attention and deliver the facts with poise… The leftist media is always in attack mode with him.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Yes, I really enjoy Breitbart’s “take it to them” style. I thought Armstrong managed the interview very well. He drew out some interesting points, because it was clear that he had READ THE BOOK! How refreshing that is! So many interviewers just wing it. He kept the interview on track, conducted the conversation to bring out important points and I came away with a good feeling about both men.
    I’ve noticed that Brian Lamb of C-Span is not in the expected template of the knee-jerk liberal MSM. He has a great track record of allowing conservative politicians and authors uncritical exposure that is not very common in most media outlets.


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