BREAKING…Senate Approves Debt Ceiling Increase

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The die is cast. America goes down the tubes….
The US Senate just passed a deal struck between Republicans, Democrats and President Barack Obama to increase the US debt ceiling and avert a default. The bill passed the Senate by 74 votes to 26. Obama is due to speak shortly and then sign the deal into law. The bill raises the debt limit by up to $2.4 trillion from $14.3 trillion.
To read the rest of the news article, go here.
For a succinct explanation of why this is a bad bill, see “6 Things Wrong With the Debt Deal.”

More bad news (from Drudge):

REPORT: Fiscal Conservatives Barred from Spending Cuts Committee...
Adds $7 trillion…
Personal income stalls; spending drops, first decline since '09...

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0 responses to “BREAKING…Senate Approves Debt Ceiling Increase

  1. Well, thanks to Boehner, McConnell, & Co. (aka Dumbass, Inc.), the Comrade Chairman just got his self a nifty $2.2. trillion reelection slush fund.
    But he won’t stop there, as now he will be going for a $600 billion “stimulus” package to further pad his stash, and my guess is Boehner and McConnell will personally walk it to the oval office for Obama to sign.
    And even if congress won’t give it to him, he’ll just have little Timmy print it for him.
    Mark this day, folks, as this one may go down in history as the day when Barack Hussein Obama solidified his communist takeover of our country.

  2. We are screwed…

  3. Why another stimulus? Hasn’t he noticed that the first one didn’t help a bit? Let’s just burn money because we can!!! It’s insane!!! And sad, very much sad!!!

  4. I guess even more sad that there are so few real republicans in the government!!! To pass such a law…

  5. An item from a life-long Republican asking the Republican party to wake up:

  6. Here’s what our military will be like after all those deep cuts Demo-rats will like making!


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