Breaking!!! Ooo, I think skippy is in deep doo.

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POLITICO Breaking News
The House Energy and Commerce oversight subcommittee has just voted 14-9 to subpoena internal White House documents on Solyndra, the solar company that filed for bankruptcy protection after receiving a $535 million federal loan guarantee.
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0 responses to “Breaking!!! Ooo, I think skippy is in deep doo.

  1. It won’t matter. Nothing can get this creep in hot water….not even murder…NOTHING. He is exempt for some reason. He makes me sick.

    • I’m not saying I like the man, hell I didn’t even vote for him, but common, The man before him got away with alot too, and the one before him and the one before him hell I think you get the picture.

  2. I’ll bet the shredders are working overtime now!! Something needs to be done to stop these people.

    • My thought exactly DW…shredders probably already have been burnt out from the amount of paper this admin had to get rid of 🙂

  3. This son of a whore needs to be in Leavenworth for the rest of his natural life and a day! Put his whole regime in there with him including Soros, the ringleader. Semper Fi.

  4. One thing I think about is they finally got John Gotti. Bama can’t be that lucky forever! Semper Fi.

  5. Rep. Issa and Rep. Ryan need to stay strong in their quest for truth. Issa against corruption and Ryan agaisnt spending. Barry and Holder can run and shred but they can’t hide.


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