Zimmerman reenacts Trayvon shooting

This morning, the Defense Team in the Trayvon Martin shooting case released a video of George Zimmerman reenacting and giving his account of the deadly shooting. The material was released by Zimmerman’s attorney on gzlegalcase.com, a website managed by the Zimmerman defense team.
Here’s the video on YouTube:
Arelis R. Hernández reports for the Orlando Sentinel, June 21, 2012:

George Zimmerman told investigators he fired one shot into Trayvon Martin‘s torso when he felt the teen reach for his gun while he was smothering him and pounding his head against the concrete.
Moments before, Zimmerman said, Trayvon “emerged from the darkness” and circled his vehicle to confront Zimmerman, who was on the phone with authorities reporting a “suspicious” youth, according to his written statement to Sanford Police.

“I shot him,” Zimmerman said.
Trayvon said back and said, “You got me,” Zimmerman told authorities.
In video and audio evidence released this morning, Zimmerman is heard for the first time in his own words detailing his version of what happened the rainy February night he fatally shot the 17-year-old.
Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Trayvon’s family, said after reviewing the evidence “it is clear to us and should be to everybody, why the special prosecutor charged George Zimmerman with second-degree murder.” Specifically, Crump said Zimmerman was inconsistent in his statements, and altered his explanation of why he got out of his vehicle and walked in Trayvon’s direction.
Hours after the shooting, Sanford Police Investigator Chris Serino did most of the talking during an interview with Zimmerman.
The investigator tells Zimmerman he will face lots of questions about why he thought Trayvon was suspicious:
“Ever hear of Murphys’ Law?,” Serino asked.
“Yes sir.”
“OK, that’s what happened. This person (Trayvon) was not doing anything bad,” Serino said. “He was 17 years old. An athlete. A kid with a future… with folks that care….Not the goon.
“You have any prior training in law enforcement at all? As far as identifying people, what to look for that makes them really suspicious?”
Zimmerman said when they organized a Neighborhood Watch event, there was a Power-Point presentation that addressed that issue.
“If you guys continue Neighborhood Watch, typically the garb is black-on-black-on-black with a black hoodie. This guy had a gray hoodie. But his pants were beige. Not exactly your prime suspect type,” Serino said.
Serino then asks what was going through Zimmerman’s head that night when he made the non-emergency call. Zimmerman then talks about an incident weeks before when he saw a black man wandering around the neighborhood looking in his neighbor’s window.
“What did you see Trayvon doing that caught you as being suspicious?”
Zimmerman said Trayvon was looking at the same house he saw someone casing weeks before.
“You know you’re gonna come under a lot of scrutiny under this, the profiling aspect of this. You understand that, right?” Serino asked.
“Yes,” Zimmerman said.
“I got to ask that,” Serino said. “Like I said this child has no criminal record whatsoever. Good kid. Mild-mannered kid.”
Serino said one of Trayvon’s hobbies was videotaping everything he does. Trayvon had an extensive video library on his phone.
“There’s a possibility that whatever happened between you and him was caught on videotape….There’s a very strong possibility that what’s on there is either gonna help ya or not help ya,” Serino said.
Replied Zimmerman: “I pray to God that someone videotaped it.”
“Obviously you’ve passed a lie detector test and you’ve done all of that,” Serino said. “But if there’s anything that you haven’t said that might be in that phone…”
Zimmerman interrupted, “I prayed to God that someone was videotaping this or that the neighborhood has a video camera that I didn’t know about, or something.”
During the interview, Zimmerman reaffirmed what he wrote in a statement to police that night.
He says things like “You saw a suspicious person, you called the police, you followed him,” and then this exchange:
“He mounted you basically, and he started to beat upon you?” Serino asked.
“Yes sir,” Zimmerman replied.
“At what point did you draw your weapon?”
“After he hit my head against the concrete several times, uh, I yelled out for help,” Zimmerman said.
“Who yelled out for help?” Serino asked.
“I did. And he tried to smother my mouth and my nose. When he did that I tried to slide out and squirm and I realized my shirt came up and I felt him slide his hand toward my right side, and he said ‘you’re gonna die, (expletive),'” Zimmerman said.
Serino: “So he was going for your gun?”
“Yes sir.”
Serino asks about the gun and ammunition.
“I think it was hollow point,” Zimmerman said.
“What happened then?”
“I shot him.”
According to his written statement, Zimmerman’s bullet struck Trayvon in the torso and the teen sat back.
Zimmerman got on top of him to spread the teens hands away from his body and restrain him.
Trayvon allegedly said, “You got me,” the statement said.
That’s when an eyewitness appears and asks Zimmerman if he was OK. Police arrive soon after.
“You’re gonna have anxiety over this and nightmares and everything else, so you’re probably gonna have a hard time with this whole thing,” Serino said. “I’m here for that.”
“He told me he was gonna kill me,” Zimmerman said at the end of the six-minute recording.
“Exactly, he said he was gonna kill you,” Serino said.

H/t FOTM’s beloved Hardnox and Gateway Pundit.

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8 years ago

Doesn’t matter, the Justice 4 Trayvon (TM) crowd will still say it’s racist… Trayvon was entitled to a free sucker-punch so the shooting wasn’t justified, you know.

8 years ago

Gotta kiss Al Sharpton’s big ol’ blow-dried but or thousands of Democrat voters will riot and steal things on CNN!

8 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Unfortunately, the same crew that let the Panthers off the hook is already waiting to give him a fair trial then execute him if Florida finds it was self-defense.

8 years ago

Zimmerman’s statements as set out above in this written post are consistent, and he also passed a lie detector test. However, Zimmerman must remember that he compromised his credibility obtaining legal representation without cost, when indeed he did have monies saved that he could pay for his own representation. That certainly does not help his credibility.

8 years ago
Reply to  joandarc

“Credibility,” schmedibility… what happened to the facts of the case? Did the fact Trayvon had drugs in his system and beat Zimmerman before he got shot change? That Zimmerman likely didn’t want to get bankrupted by a politically motivated charge after Al Sharpton, Rachel Cory, etc. got into the act (officialdom isn’t playing fair, why should he?) does give some extenuation under the circumstances, if that does matter. Then, if so, what about Travyon getting suspended for school for the empty dime bag, the jimmying tools, the “thug” display on Facebook, etc.?

chip smith
chip smith
8 years ago

Wow , you people (conservative tea party not people of color) sure have it figured out huh?. Must be great to never worry about being profiled. Just go about your way, and think if a person of color is attacked or accused of something, it must be true. Pathetic. You know, 25-35 years from now there wont be a classification for “white”. With low birth rates among whites, and inter-racial marriage,you guys are dropping fast. Plus, young white kids are tired of listening to you guys talk about “the good ole days”. We can change only if the 60 somethings… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  chip smith

Wow, it’s great to be able to protect ourselves from stoned thugs who want to smash our heads on a sidewalk.
And if Sanger had her way, all people of color wouldn’t be procreating.