Breaking News!! The Religion Of Peace Is doing More Missionary Work.

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ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) — One person was taken into custody early Friday in connection with an investigation into a suspicious vehicle near the Pentagon, authorities said.

A backpack was recovered containing four 5-lb bags of ammonium nitrate, spent 9mm shells, and a note saying al Qaeda Taliban rules.”
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7 responses to “Breaking News!! The Religion Of Peace Is doing More Missionary Work.

  1. Religion of Peace…my butt! What is wrong with our countries that we are letting these people set up shop? They hate us and all we stand for. Keep saying the Rosaries only weapon to stop them. Domiinus Vobiscom!

  2. Can we profile now? You know, I think it’d be a safe bet…

  3. Steve,

    You just won the “Greatest Blog Title Award” on the Fellowship! 😀

    Sadly, the award comes with $0 prize money. It’s all about the honor. LOL

  4. Oh stop picking on the Muslims! They’re only here to work and support their families! Oh…wait….sorry……..that’s the illegals. My bad. Muslims….oh yea, the “peaceful people”. Yea, they are just here for peace…………to blow things to pieces! Yea, the Religion of Blow things to Pieces. I get it now. There are just so many people creeping into the country that I get them all mixed up. Like the guys with the machetes again…now they are the Salvadorans…right? Gosh, don’t you just love diversity!!!


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