Conn. elementary school massacre: 26 dead, incl. 20 children

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light in darkness
New York CBS News is reporting a slaughter of the innocents.

20 Children Among 26 Dead In Newtown Elementary School Massacre

Gunman Opens Fire Inside Sandy Hook Elementary School Early Friday
NEWTOWN, Conn. (CBSNewYork) –
Twenty children are among 27 people who were killed Friday morning after a gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.
State Police Lt. Paul Vance said 18 children and 6 adults were pronounced dead at that scene. Two other children later died at the hospital.
Among those dead is the gunman, identified as 24-year-old Ryan Lanza, 20-year-old Adam Lanza. He was found dead inside the building from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, sources told CBS 2.
The shooting has become the second-deadliest school shooting in the nation’s history, exceeded only by the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech.
A 28th victim, an adult male, was found dead at a secondary crime scene, Lance said. He would not elaborate on the details.
Lance said the shooting occurred in two different classrooms in one section of the school.
One of the adult victims is Lanza’s mother who was a teacher at the school, sources told CBS 2. Some of the child victims were her students, sources said.
I can’t go on. Rest of tragedy HERE!!
Additional links here:,0,3969911.story
See an Update to this story: “The man responsible for killing 26 in Sandy Hook Elementary School

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0 responses to “Conn. elementary school massacre: 26 dead, incl. 20 children

  1. Our Children Paying The Price #Newton #Ct #Shootings
    Down in the schoolyard
    The lessons come hard
    Wonder will they survive
    The price they might pay
    On any given day
    They might not come out alive
    But come the morning
    Without warning
    When she opens her eyes
    Her destination
    No salvation
    Her wretched bitter demise

  2. Tragic. How one can be so souless is beyond me.

  3. It’s hard not to think about the horror these families are dealing with. Maybe collective prayers sent by the world can help……it can’t hurt.
    I saw the president speak……and, I may be so hardened against him, but his “tears” did not appear genuine. His manner so often seems contrived. And, there was something he said I can’t actually remember that led me to believe he’ll try to alter the 2nd Amendment.

    • Green girl, He said something like ” Now is not the time for politics, gun control….. Now is a time to mourn. I figure they will wait until at least tomorrow till they want to start banning guns again.
      Remember never let a good crisis go to waste..
      I would like to bash the first person with a base ball bat who brings up gun control. Know why it will never work. Bad guys have them and will always have them. Till they get theirs they ain’t getting mine. Ahh screw that they ain’t ever getting mine.
      One seriously pissed off American and Parent.
      C’mon, come screw with 50 million Grizzly Pappa Bears.
      Oh, the bad news is you have to get thru Momma Bears first. Yea, good luck with that.

      • Gun control need to be reviewed. No one needs an assault rifle. The blood of these innocent children are on your hands. Hope you are all happy.

        • You are a very confused person. Actually, the blood of these innocent children are on the hands of the murderer, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, and his parents.
          So typical of gun-control-happy Leftists like you to evade Lanza’s personal responsibility for his deeds and, instead, you just can’t wait to make political expediency out of a terrible tragedy. Shame on you! Henceforth, I will employ your own “reasoning” by holding YOU responsible for every crime and misdeed in America because it’s YOUR cultural permissiveness and moral relativism that breed them. The blood is on YOUR hands.

          • You’re absolutely “RIGHT”, Dr. Eowyn!!! It is our “Society” that has “allowed” people like this to be “groomed” to do these “horrendous acts of violence!”
            I have yet to hear a single case of a “Gun”, growing fingers to “pull the trigger” and “KILL SOMEONE!” Have you?
            Go ahead “Gun control…FOOLS!” When the day comes that these people do NOT have guns…they will use “poison” and start killing people by the thousands simply by putting the poison in “your drinking water!”
            “Oh, wait a minute! I believe the government is already doing this!!!” NO?
            “My BAD!” Remember, “Chickenpox?” ERADICATED from 99.99% of the world…NO outbreaksfor decades here in the U.S., then…”all-of-a-sudden”…GOVERNMENT ALERT!!! “NEW” strain of “Chickenpox!”
            yeah, i know…just a “conspiracy” theory…RIGHT?
            “WE, the People…” killed these children as we DO NOT “love thy neighbor” and “do unto others as we want them to do unto us!”
            “WE, the People…” have turned “our” backs on God by allowing this “Cult of Islam” to take a “foothold” in this country!

        • Check your facts. What type of “assault rifle” was used in this heinous crime? Tell me what more gun control laws could CT have implemented to prevent this crime?
          Tell me you could have waited for all the victims to be removed from the crime scene before you shout “gun control” instead of grief for those who lost loved ones by the hands of evil.

        • Dear Shit for Brains Tmaz Please read this headline and link of story I am about to post about China yesterday. Then tell me about gun control.
          China stabbing spree hurts 22 schoolchildren.
          Can you please tell me where you live so I can respect your wishes about how you feel about guns.
          gun sign

          • The Chinese children all survived. Ask those parents in Ct if they would rather be visiting their children in the hospital or visiting the undertaker right now.

            • Tmaz123,
              Why do you keep opening your mouth to reveal your abysmal ignorance and inexplicable smugness?
              “A series of uncoordinated mass stabbings, hammer attacks, and cleaver attacks in the People’s Republic of China began in March 2010. The spate of attacks left at least 21 dead and some 90 injured.”

            • Tmaz, I’m sure the concept is beyond you , but does Cain and Able ring a bell. I do believe no gun or knife was involved. Let’s see if memory serves it was a rock. Like your brain.
              Question nimrod.
              If a guy sits in a bar and drinks 20 beers, gets in his car and mows down and kills these same 20 children.
              Do you blame the car, or the driver.? I want an honest answer.
              Do you want to ban automobiles.?
              Do you have 2 brain cells to understand the concept we are arguing here.
              Yes it was the worst tragedy I’ve seen in 4 yrs blogging.
              No the gun did not do it.
              The psychotic madman did.

        • You DO NOT determine MY NEEDS! I will not get into a discussion about gun control with people who reject common sense, rational discourse, a person’s fundamental right to self-defense, and the US Constitution, a document that people of your stripe see as archaic and fervently wish to scrap. Now, how would you like having all of your wool sheared in the middle of December you bleating heart liblamb? Then get the flock outta here! Baa!!
          FYI, if I were your next door neigbor, I too would post a sign like Dave’s above.

  4. Jesus we need you right this minute. help us LORD – we’re here knocking on heaven’s, come see about us Jesus. SOS SOS maydaymayday…..

  5. When we send our children out into this world we never know what evil is lurking out there. We know there are more good than bad in this world but these people who’s lives were taken were totally defenseless. We need to make sure that the government quits blaming legal firearms owners and we should hold the government responsible for making all these gun-free zones available to the bad guys. God Bless the little children and the peacekeepers.

  6. Proverbs 6:16-19
    King James Version (KJV)
    16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto Him:
    17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and HANDS THAT SHED INNOCENT BLOOD,
    18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
    19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.
    Genesis 9:6
    King James Version (KJV)
    Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made He man.

    • How wonderful to hear from you, especially today as we are finding it so difficult to process this latest atrocity. I hope you are well. I gues this is what this FOTM is all about. Thanks for your post agan. Love ITNOJ Alice

  7. There are so many evil people in this world, it is digusting. I will never understand why these sickos do the things they do. Little kids! What could they have possibly done to warrant this? Nothing. nothing at all. And the survivors, parents of the deceased. The little ones who witnessed and survived. I cannot imagine their horror and grief. God help them. God help us.

  8. Richard T. Fowler

    As clear a case as any of demonic possession. Let us pray for all.

  9. St. Michael, the archangel, defend us in our battle against evil.
    As a former kindergarten teacher, as a parent and a grandparent, I cannot even fathom the horror. May God hold them in His arms.

  10. Heart sick.
    Tears for the innocent little children and their heartbroken parents….

  11. I tried to put together a post about this earlier today.
    I couldn’t do it.

    • Thanks, Now I know why when I saw Drudge and came here it was not up yet. It took me a half an hour just to paste a few paragraphs and the link..
      In the 4 yrs or so of blogging I think this is the worst story I have ever had to post. It’s shaken me to my core.
      I have not checked yet this morning as it’s only 4 AM..Late sleeper..LOL
      But last I heard this guy may have been all kinds of mental

  12. Our one and only grandson is almost five, and I cannot imagine….

  13. Oh Dear God. I have no words other than to lift up those who are suffering such a monumental loss. Comfort them, please, Father, please.

  14. There are no words for this type of “tragedy”…
    “Dear God, I Pray in the Name of, Jesus Christ, to “heal” the broken hearts of those who lost their children and loved ones this day and every day till His Return…Amen!!!”

  15. Arthur L. Brown Sr.

    The sadness in my home all day has been VERY THICK . but I must make one correction the shooter was the younger of the two Lanza boys Andy NOT Ryan. Remember that Ryan lost his mother this day also by the same hand.

  16. Arthur, you are correct. The media in their usual haste has given many, many inaccurate statements. Stay tuned, more to follow


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