Breaking News! Rare photo of Karl Marx with mystery man

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A diligent historian just made a rare find in the dusty archives of the British Museum.

Already a bidding war over the rare find has begun, with the starting bid being one million pounds.

Sepia-toned, it’s the only known photograph of Karl Marx standing next to a man known variously as Barry Barack Hussein Steven Dunham Soetoro Obama.

H/t FOTM’s Miss May.


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0 responses to “Breaking News! Rare photo of Karl Marx with mystery man

  1. Excellent!

  2. That is precious.

  3. ROFL!!

  4. Thank you Dr, Eowyn for this post! Marx has a very mean and severe face! No wonder, given what he taught, the absence of God, the absence of love. I think Clint Eastwood did a wonderful thing talking with the king via an empty chair. Love the joke!

  5. Oh boy, did you get me that time! I applaud Clint Eastwood for aptly portraying mr. soetero. He is an empty chair, an empty suit, a nothing man with an empty soul.

  6. the empty chair, the empty suit, has appeared with many historical figures mao tse tung, idi amin, josef stalin, amelda marcos, ferdinand marcos, fidel castro, to name a few lets end his incompetence this november remember to vote obama out of the white house in november vote and remember to get people registered to vote especially if they have a brain cell as i don’t believe a typical obama supporter has any active brain cells


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