Breaking News- Murder Charges Dropped Against Late Term Abortionists

A Maryland prosecutor on Tuesday dropped murder charges against two doctors accused of performing late-term abortions on fetuses that could have lived outside the womb, in a case that drew national attention as a test of fetal homicide law.
In December, 2011, Cecil County, Maryland State’s Attorney Ellis Rollins brought murder charges against Drs. Nicola Riley and Steven Brigham.
But on Tuesday, Rollins said a medical expert who had originally offered his opinion that a late-term abortion performed by the doctors in 2010 was in Maryland, now said he was not sure whether it was in Maryland or New Jersey.
The case was the first time Maryland’s fetal homicide law was applied to doctors, who are provided with an exception.  Full Story
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Janet Crepps, deputy director for the legal department at the Center for Reproductive Rights. “It’s just indicative of the fact that in some states in some ways, and generally in the country, we’ve gotten to a toxic environment” regarding abortion, she said. First of all, don’t call yourself “reproductive rights” because it’s nothing more than code for, I’ll have sex whenever I want, with whomever I want, and terminate a baby whenever I want. Second, you want to talk about a toxic environment? How about one where “doctors” remove a viable baby from its mom’s womb and kill it on… Read more »

Patriot Angel

Everyday I have a heavy heart due to all the evil that is rising up in the world. I look around and there are even many Christians that just don’t realize where we are and what is happening. It truly saddens me. I weep for our world. Jesus, come quickly!