Breaking News: ICE Agent Shoot Out at Long Beach Federal Building

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2 ICE Agents Shot by Fellow Agent at Federal Building in Long Beach

One ICE agent was killed, a second ICE agent injured, the shooter was a third ICE agent who was killed 

Full Story on KTLA TV

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0 responses to “Breaking News: ICE Agent Shoot Out at Long Beach Federal Building

  1. will be very interesting to find out what the hek all of this is really about. imagine some of criminal obama’s men, might have had disagreements with REAL agents.??

  2. Maybe an ICE agent actually arrested an illegal invader.
    That, of course, is now verboten in the Herr Dear Führer’s Amerika.

  3. Not good at all…

  4. I smell corruption.

  5. Have humans beholding policeman, and humans will not behold Jesus, and round, and round we go year in, and year out with OH MY, another shooting lets call the police to do another shooting. Evil for evil is anti Christ. Whoever kills will face Gods light I guarantee.
    Federal building is one in a host of idols to many to count. Because humans bow in idols it should not be a surprise human sacrafises are occurring in, and around them.


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