UPDATE: Donald Trump Releases His Birth Certificate!

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I’m getting to really like Donald Trump, despite his weird comb-over.  😉
Words colored in pink are mine.
H/t beloved fellow Tina.

Do your job, you bunch of nine gutless wonders.

Exclusive to Newsmax: Donald Trump’s Birth Certificate

Monday, 28 Mar 2011
Donald Trump, who has been making television appearances calling for President Barack Obama to release his official birth documents, released his birth certificate exclusively to Newsmax on Monday.
“It took me one hour to get my birth certificate. It’s inconceivable that, after four years of questioning, the president still hasn’t produced his birth certificate. I’m just asking President Obama to show the public his birth certificate. Why’s he making an issue out of this?”
Trump was skeptical that so few people have stepped forward to verify Obama’s birth. “I went to the best college and I was a great student, and it is inconceivable to my brain that no doctor, no nurse, nobody has stepped forward to verify the birth, other than the governor [Hawaii’s new governor, Neil Abercrombie]. He remembers? The governor? A birth 50 years ago? Come on. He’s taking a bullet for his party.” [Abercrombie later said he couldn’t find Obama’s original long-form birth certificate.]
He said other presidents have produced these documents without any hesitation. “Ronald Reagan, George Bush have produced their birth certificates. Why doesn’t Obama?” [The only birth document that Obama had released is an online image of his Certificate of Live Birth (COLB), a secondary document generated from his presumed original long-form birth certificate. Alas, even that online COLB image has four versions! Eenie, meenie, mynie, moe. Which version is the real COLB, no one knows.]
Trump added that the local newspaper ad announcing Obama’s birth also strikes
him as odd. “Someone takes an ad out in the paper announcing his birth days later? How many people do you know who take an ad out in the paper to announce a birth, and then won’t show anyone the birth certificate?”

Trump’s birth certificate released to Newsmax is below. It shows that Trump was born in New York, June 14, 1946.

UPDATE (3.29.2011):

Trump has provided Newsmax and ABC a signed, dated Certificate of Birth from the City of New York’s Department of Health. The new birth certificate states that Trump was born in the borough of Queens on June 14, 1946. It is signed by the mayor, the acting registrar of records, and the commissioner of health. It is also the official birth certificate that Obama is still refusing to release.
Trump said that once he realized the document he provided Newsmax on Monday was not an official birth certificate, it only took him a couple of hours to clear up the matter and locate the official document. “Some in the media were
challenging my birth certificate,” Trump told Newsmax Tuesday morning in an
email. “So I solved the problem in a couple hours: here is my official Department of Health Birth Certificate.”
Here’s Trump’s official birth certificate:

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0 responses to “UPDATE: Donald Trump Releases His Birth Certificate!

  1. I am love, love LOVING this…..and The Donald!!!!!! : )
    I have heard him speak several times recently & I am thinking he is exactly what we need.
    I think showing his BC is brilliant, I think it would be so cool if it became the thing to do and everyone started showing there’s , too!
    Way to go Donald Trump!!!!!!

  2. Trump is on a roll!

  3. You think the CIA propaganda front man Bill ORielly has the balls to talk “BC” issues with Trump live on his show?
    C’mon Bill, do it… let’s see you un-spin your statement that you “have seen the birth certificate” now.

  4. BritCapitalist

    Thank God for The Donald! I believe he has his teeth in Barry’s rear end and I am sure he has the guts and the tenacity to not let go until the truth is revealed.
    How is it possible to trust a man who refuses to show his birth certificate?
    Barry Soetoro has forced the incarceration of a decorated Lt, Col army flight surgeon who had the audacity to ask Barry to produce his original long form birth certificate – not the phony COLB that was posted on a website. Unreasonable request? Do you trust Barry to defend the Republic? Do you trust Barry to uphold the Constitution? Do you trust Barry to defend Capitalism? Do you trust Barry to defend the Judeo-Christian values that constitute the very foundation of this great country?
    Can you trust a man who refuses to show his birth certificate?

  5. Trump is da man!

  6. The publicity Mr. Trump is providing on Mr. Soetero’s lack of credentials is wonderful. Though he was challenged on The View and on Fox & Friends, Mr. Trump is so rich and so popular, his power prevents the media from attacking him the way they have everyone else. Reading the articles on drudge and citizen wells, etc one can see that the issue is snowballing. I’ve been waiting for two and a half years to have this issue brought out into the open. Rev. Manning and Orley Taitz tried but they are not truly respected. Gov. Abercombie opened up the can of worms and The Donald opened up the can with dynamite. Mr. Trump has his flaws but he is recognized and the media pays attention to him. If nothing else this dialogue may provide enough impetus for the states to get the eligibility laws out of committee and out for vote. I realize that our country is at war and chaos at the helm of the government is not a good thing but since Mr. soetero is at the helm ANY change would be a step in the right direction. The more aware the public becomes the more pressure is put upon Congress and the judicial system. For all of you who contacted Mr. Trump and provided him with more specific information, I thank you.

  7. Sorry but the document that Trump released is NOT a New York State Birth Certificate issued by the NY state department of health. Nice Try Donald but its not an official Birth Certificate from the State. (unlike the one the President released three years ago)

    • Please provide proof that Trump’s BC is not official…while you are at it, please provide a link to the official BC that Obama released 3 years ago. Not the COLB but rather the REAL one…

    • While you are on that mission, please provide a link to Obama’s Columbia College and Harvard College records. Thanks!

    • While you are at it Mike, I’m sure you can provide links for Obama’s Illinois bar records, his Columbia thesis, Occidental College records and his financial aid records. We patiently await your responses…

  8. Still waiting…

  9. Nathan W Condrey

    This is better than Obama’s but it is not the official state issued birth certificate. You can’t use it to join the military.

    • Please explain… Neither O or Trump joined the military. What exactly does it take to serve? My dad served with a BC from SD…wasn’t that difficult to produce..
      And please provide links to all the other records that O is hiding. Thanks!!

  10. After receiving complaints that the birth certificate he showed NewsMax yesterday was not an official birth certificate, Trump quickly located his official bc and released it to NewsMax. Please see the Update to this post!

  11. Good for Trump…apparently it’s not THAT difficult to produce your BC…

    • Every 2012 presidential candidate should produce his/her official birth certificate. Anyone who doesn’t will automatically be disqualified.

  12. Brilliant… Trump produces a questionable document (like Obama) and immediately clears the issue up within hours with an official document drawing more attention to what really does constitute a birth certificate.
    Just put on another pot of popcorn!

  13. Don’t back down Mr.Trump-you could save a nation.


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