Breaking News – Dem Senator in Sex Scandal

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What happens in the Dominican Republic does  NOT stay in the Dominican Republic, especially if the cheapskate stiffs the hookers

Full story at the Daily Caller. 

(New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez  was appointed by Obama bundler, Jon Corzine, former Goldman Sachs bigshot, Governor of New Jersey and MF Global crook who looted millions  from the accounts of his investors)

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0 responses to “Breaking News – Dem Senator in Sex Scandal

  1. I had seen the teaser on Drudge Report early yesterday evening and was wondering who the politician is. But I had a hunch it’s a Demonrat. FOTM will be following this story in the days to come!

  2. Yes, he’s up for reelection. As you said, resume enhancer…

  3. This clown called for the firing of SS agents involved in the prostitution scandal.

    LOL – What a hypocrite.



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