Breaking News – Building collapsed IN RIO DE JANEIRO – 25 / 01 / 12

We need someone who speaks Portugese to translate this video.
TWO BUILDINGS, ONE OF 20 AND A TEN-STORY, fall in the HEART OF THE CITY OF RIO DE JANEIRO, THIS DAY WEDNESDAY 25 JANUARY 2012. These buildings were behind the Municipal Theatre.

Building collapses in center of Rio de Janeiro

 RIO DE JANEIRO — A multistory building collapsed in Rio’s center Wednesday evening, leaving rubble strewn over a wide area but confusion about the number of possible victims and the cause.
Thick layers of debris covered cars and motorcycles. A neighboring building sustained serious damage, and television showed at least two people on its roof apparently awaiting help from firefighters.
There were differing reports about possible deaths.
A spokeswoman from the city’s Civil Defense department said two people were confirmed dead, but officials from City Hall and the municipal health department later disputed that, saying no deaths had been confirmed by early Thursday. It was not clear how many people were injured.
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Holy Cow grannie! what’s going on??


You would think this would be big news, but I had not heard this until you posted LTG, good catch Lady…