Breaking News: Another Muslim Shoebomber

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Update: The morning after, the media are reporting this was all a misunderstanding, that the Qatar diplomat was just trying to sneak a ciggie smoke in the airplane’s bathroom. Blah, blah, blah…. Yeah, sure.


An airline passenger reportedly tried to light his shoes on fire on a flight from Washington, D.C., to Denver but was subdued by air marshals.  It was United Flight 663, a Boeing 757 with 157 passengers and six crew members aboard.
Authorities think it was an attempted “shoe bomb” attack, according to ABC News, which first reported the story, but details couldn’t immediately confirmed.
ABC News identified the suspect as a diplomat from the Qatar embassy in Washington.
The Associated Press cited unnamed sources saying the FBI is investigating the incident.

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12 responses to “Breaking News: Another Muslim Shoebomber

  1. Many rumors flying if this guy was smoking on the plane or making a joke of it.
    On Twitter @HagmannPI tweeted: “Just spoke with FBI agent re United Flight 663. “No misunderstanding” – Qatari diplomat tried to bring down plane. Media spin expected. “

  2. From Northeast Intelligence Network:

  3. Guess the Islamic goon camel-washers haven’t yet perfected the Boob Bomb:

  4. Media said he was trying to sneak a smoke in the bathroom.

  5. Steve– My husband and son-in law are OBSESSED w/ Vince Flynn novels! Son-in-law was a Marine Corp. sniper who planned to make a career out of serving until Clinton’s cutbacks.

  6. Obama will say let’s bring him in, talk to him, and give him a big hug because he has issues.

  7. Doc’s Wife-you are so right-alright Steve enact your plan!

  8. Canadian Chick

    This is OUTRAGEOUS!!! It’s so @^%*#$%#!!!! obvious this person is testing the system to see how authorities will respond. I say that all the elected leaders & their loved ones be forced to fly coach on commercial airlines, like the rest of us, and see how they enjoy the experience.

  9. this guy came over here to check on an al-queda member to make sure he was being treated ok! Someone wake me up when this nightmare we are living is over! {actually I will fight til the end}

  10. The Angry White Woman

    I’m for nuking ANY country for so much as trying to light off a fart bomb.


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