Breaking !! My Prayers Have Been Answered . See Prayer Really Does Work!

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Twinkies return expected by summer, new Hostess owner says.


Keep your stinking hands off my Twinkies or you will find out what the 2nd Amendment is really for.


Twinkies and other Hostess snacks could be back on store shelves by this summer. The winning bid of 410 million dollars went to Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos and Company.
The new owner of Hostess Brands Inc’s snack cakes hopes to have Twinkies back on U.S. store shelves by this summer, according to a member of the purchasing group.

“Our family is thrilled to have the opportunity to reestablish these iconic brands with new creative marketing ideas and renewed sales efforts and investment,” Daren Metropoulos, a principal at his family’s private equity firm, told Reuters in an email on Tuesday.
“We look forward to having America‘s favorite snacks back on the shelf by this summer.”

Daren’s father, Dean Metropoulos, teamed up with Apollo Global Management to offer $410 million for Twinkies and other snack cakes. Their offer was to serve as the minimum offer for the business but no other bidders emerged.
Besides the iconic Twinkie, Hostess’ snack cake line also includes cakes, which include CupCakes, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos.
News of their winning offer was revealed late on Monday in a court filing.

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0 responses to “Breaking !! My Prayers Have Been Answered . See Prayer Really Does Work!

  1. Yeah!

  2. This is really something to pray for??????? I heard there’s so much junk in them, that if you kept one for 30 years, it would still be fresh when opened.

  3. Twinkies!

  4. Bloomberg must be having a fit. He’ll probably want to have them made the size of a doughnut hole and limit the purchase to one a day.


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