Breaking!! Justice Department To Prosecute John Edwards

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John Edwards: US Green-Lights Prosecution for Alleged Campaign Law Violations Tied to Affair Cover-Up
ABC News Reports
May 24, 2011
The United States Department of Justice has green-lighted the prosecution of former presidential candidate John Edwards for alleged violations of campaign laws while he tried to cover up an extra-marital affair, ABC News has learned.
A source close to the case said Edwards is aware that the government intends to seek an indictment and that the former senator from North Carolina is now considering his limited options. He could accept a plea bargain with prosecutors or face a potentially costly trial
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0 responses to “Breaking!! Justice Department To Prosecute John Edwards

  1. Thomas Morato

    I could care less about this dirt bag, but…
    So not only does the guy get torpedoed by the DNC exposing the sex scandal, screwed in the primaries because of it… and now is getting the shaft by the Justice Department established by Obama’s handlers.
    Only in America.

  2. Too bad he’s in a class of one.

  3. Great waking-up news this morning! 😀

  4. Hope he rots…despicable excuse for a human being. There, I said it!


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