Breaking: Jihadist Rampage in Belgium

Deadly attack rocks central Liege in Belgium 
A gun and grenade attack in the centre of the Belgian city of Liege has killed at least two people and wounded 47 including a toddler, media say.
Witnesses say a man in his 40s threw grenades at a bus stop in Place Saint Lambert, a busy square. At least two other men are thought to be involved.
Reports say one of the attackers is among the dead. Local media say another has been detained, while a third is involved in a stand-off with police.
It is not clear who the attackers are.
There are reports of a fourth man escaping the scene.
TV images showed blood splattered across the cobblestones.
Medical staff are said to be attending to some of the injured in the courthouse.
Seven of them are in a serious condition, and doctors at a city hospital are trying to save the life of an 18-month-old boy injured in the attack.
Roads into the centre of the city have been sealed off. Police helicopters are hovering overhead and explosives experts are on their way to the square.
A TV report said many shops in the city centre had closed their doors, with customers trapped inside.
Place Saint Lambert is a busy intersection, served by hundreds of buses daily. It hosts an annual Christmas market which attracts some 1.5 million visitors a year.
When I saw the above link pop up on Drudge a little while ago, I did not even have to click on it to know that members of the “peaceful” religion of Islam were involved.
(h/t: Drudge)

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8 years ago

And the moderate Muslim outrage begins …/

8 years ago
Reply to  Dave

Crickets chirping and everything.

Doc's Wife
Doc's Wife
8 years ago

Coming soon to a country near you, I am afraid.

8 years ago
Reply to  Doc's Wife

Aided by left/liberal punishment of any resistance or backtalk.

8 years ago

And let’s not forget this, either…
“Amnesty Says Saudi Beheading for Sorcery ‘Shocking’,” by Reuters via Yahoo! News, 13 Dec 2011
Woman beheaded for sorcery in our “moderate” ally Saudi Arabia.