BREAKING: House Passes the Obama-GOP Debt Bill

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Zeke Miller reporting for the Business Insider, August 1, 2011, that at 7:08 pm today, the House of Representatives, by a margin of 269-161, passed the Obama-GOP debt “compromise” bill to raise the debt limit and supposedly lower the deficit.
7:08pm | The Final Tally:

Republicans: 174-66

Democrats: 195-95

Total: 269-161

Allen West was one of the 174 Republican “yes” votes.
The Senate will take up the same bill tomorrow, where it is expected to pass, which means this bill is a done deal.
To find out how the bill’s spending cuts are pure phantasm, go here.

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0 responses to “BREAKING: House Passes the Obama-GOP Debt Bill

  1. So angry over this…every single RINO that voted for this in the name of making a deal should be gone come their next term.
    Our dollar value is going to drop and we’ll have more debt. Friggin as*holes in DC ugh!!

  2. Business-as-usual wins the day once again.
    We’re going to get downgraded.
    It’s only a mater of time now.
    Perhaps mere days.

  3. In an acronym… BOHICA!


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