Ferguson grand jury reaches decision: NO INDICTMENT

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A St. Louis County grand jury, made up of nine whites and three blacks, decided not to indict white police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of black 18-year-old Michael Brown on Aug. 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri.
Wilson has been on paid leave and in hiding since Aug. 9.
The grand jury of 12 are the only people who have examined all of the evidence, including all three autopsies, as well as the testimonies of all the witnesses related to this case.
The law authorizes a law enforcement officer, as well as all civilians, to use force as self-defense in a dangerous situation.
The unusual timing of the grand jury’s announcement, after darkness had fallen, was a decision of prosecutors. Several local churches would provide shelter, safe haven and medical care in the event of unrest.
As officials called for peace, security preparations were beefed up around the courthouse and at other locations including the Ferguson police headquarters. Barricades were erected and Missouri state troopers were present with rifles, 3-foot batons, riot shields and other equipment. Crowds of protesters waving signs and chanting spilled into streets near the police offices. (Source: USA Today)

Stores close ahead of announcement…

Signs of rising tension...
Protests growing...

Please pray for peace. Please pray for America.


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0 responses to “Ferguson grand jury reaches decision: NO INDICTMENT

  1. We need to say a prayer and ask God to calm the storm. It has been said that regardless of the verdict, riots are planned. This is what liberal race-baiters have done to America. Leeann

    • You can bet your booty that pResident Lucifer’s race bating battalions have been dispatched to stir the pot in Ferguson and other majority black cities and burbs

  2. No indictment and, what do you know, Obama’s gonna weigh in soon. That should be a predictable speech…

  3. Michael Brown was a felonious punk that got exactly what he deserved.

  4. It’s 10:40 PM EST and am watching it turn to chaos. Liquor store has been looted, McDonalds and others have been looted. Police cars on fire.
    Not one cop cracking one puncks head.
    Damnit. Break some heads you cowards…

    • #nojustice #freebigscreentv

      • I was wondering just how far they could carry that TV if one , or both had just been shot in the legs with some nice bird shot out of a nice shotgun.
        Look I’m not a psycho killer, buy I bet if you work a nice light “looters load” into the first “Responders” LOL just to show you mean biz I bet that would end he looting real quick.
        Seems whatever they are doing now, is wrong. 🙁

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  6. America, you have gone FULL LENIN whether you know it or not. As a public high school teacher here in New York, I taught at a school with three “community organizers” (read: troublemakers) who were fully and consciously communistic in their beliefs—and they made no secret about it. Whenever the ringleader thought it proper, he would stir up trouble against another teacher. “Fire so-and-so!” “Boycott so-and-so’s classes!” “Hang so-and-so!” “Kill so-and-so!” He would have students attend meetings and give them flyers to hand out. And administrators did not have the guts to make things uncomfortable for him.
    Long story short: Obama campaigned on his “credentials” as a “community organizer.” Yeah, well, given the Trayvon Martin affair, is this any surprise? Given Al Sharpton’s long and sordid history, is this any surprise? Given the OUTRIGHT THUGGERY of this entire administration, we have to Thank God it hasn’t happened more often.
    They decide to go behind the scenes, instruct their rent-a-mobs and watch what happens. Their techniques were pioneered by Lenin and Trotsky, and that’s no exaggeration. THIS is what the Left does! THIS is how they operate! And they’re watching everything to gauge PRECISELY how far they can push it the next time.
    Make no mistake: These thugs in government are DEMONIC.
    As for Mike Brown, he created a situation that he controlled. But the looters don’t care about that: On the first night of rioting, one fellow telephoned another, saying (verbatim quote), “Yo, nigga—drive over here and get yo’ free shit!” And now the State of Missouri will bow to the Feds. And now the end begins….

  7. It’s 3:52 EST. Have been listening to scanner feed from St. Louis. It’s still complete mayhem. About 15 cars have been set on fire in a car dealer’s lot. Looting in stores (including a Family Dollar…who loots a Family Dollar???) Shots have been fired a few minutes ago, not sure where. Five were found at a Home Depot; probably trying to set it on fire. Who knows?
    The police have been sending shuttle vans to pick up the goons they have been arresting every few minutes. There is so much going on, it’s hard to keep up.

  8. Thank God one is innocent until proven guilty and for how our justice system works! Not sure how anyone can hear part of evidence and think their verdict is right…. Grand jury heard all evidence and decided not sufficient for any criminal charges against Police Officer! I’m very thankful that mob rule and black racism (reverse discrimination) didn’t prevail!
    Michael Brown’s conduct and bad behaviour is still being taught via “peaceful protestors (cough, cough and gag, gag)!”

  9. so now they have pictures of the officer showing no bruises on him…i wasnt their other pictures showing bruises he suffered…confused. yeah they really want blacks to act a fool. race bating.

  10. But they re not ghetto stereotypes, it’s simply what they are. I found black and Hispanics to some extern to act as a hive mind, probably any 4th world society will act similarly


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