Breaking!!! Jury Finds Casey Anthony Not Guilty

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Jury finds Casey Anthony NOT guilty of murdering her little toddler daughter Caylee.  She has been found not guilty on the three main charges of murder, but found guilty on three counts of lying to law enforcement officers — each of which carries a maximum sentencing of only one year.

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12 responses to “Breaking!!! Jury Finds Casey Anthony Not Guilty

  1. Stand by for the bar-hopping and wet t-shirt contests while out looking for the “real killers,” too.

    • Yup, Casey will join O.J. in hunting for the “real killers.” Sociopaths both.

      I’m incredulous about the jury verdict. The paucity of forensic evidence shouldn’t deter the jury from a guilty verdict. There have been cases of murderers being convicted WITHOUT a corpse, e.g., Hans Reiser, whose trial I attended and followed to the end.

    • Naw, too boring… clubs where guys will drink jagermeister shots out of her navel may be more her idea.

  2. I’m shocked by this. Will this be case closed with the common knowledge she killed her but -“oh well… we couldn’t adequately prove it?”

  3. What a weird case…something is really, REALLY wrong here.
    If there was an accident or Casey wasn’t involved why would she remain silent all these years let alone her bizarre month of acting out and lying.
    My son had CF and passed away and no one was guilty and I was completely undone and grief stricken and could more easily have gone to the moon than out dancing and get a tattoo reading “Bella Vita”.
    I know everyone handles grief differently but something is wrong… mother unless she is a total sociopath would behave that way, IMHO.
    The reaction of her parents and all the jury refusing to speak to the media is pretty peculiar, as well.
    I don’t believe Casey is totally innocent but obviously, the prosecution did not prove their case.
    I wonder if the truth will ever come out.

  4. That’s a good point, Steve – alas…

  5. I’m just saddened….we supposedly have the greatest justice system in the world and it has failed poor little Caylee. 🙁

  6. catscanner150

    Heard the verdict driving back from Virginia this afternoon, and after picking my jaw up from the floorboard, I just looked at my wife and she said “that Satan had a big victory today” all I could do was shake my head and agree with her.

  7. One thing I read was that both the prosecution and defence were offering up so many “expert witnesses,” with the technical/legalize jargon, that it simply overwhelmed the Jury. This happened in the OJ Simpson case, too.

    It would seem the outcome could only lead to Reasonable Doubt, (but that doesn’t mean the Jury thought she was completely innocent).

    Steve – thanks 🙂 A friend introduced me to this Blog. It’s very, VERY good!


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