Black Mob Attack at Wisconsin State Fair

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An ABC affiliate in Wisconsin reports, August 5, 2011 that around 11:10 p.m. last night, an unruly crowd of “hundreds” of people ran amuck in/near the Wisconsin State Fair Park in Milwaukee. Police squads were sent to the area after reports of “mob beating,” fighting, and property damage.

Police said the group of young people attacked fair goers who were leaving the fair grounds. Police said that some victims were attacked while walking. They said others were pulled out of cars and off of motorcycles before being beaten.The Milwaukee Police Department, West Allis Police Department and Milwaukee County Sheriff Department all responded to the area. Police outside the park said they received four complaints of battery with all the victims having non-life threatening injuries. They said they are in the process of identifying suspects.
Norbert Roffers of Wind Lake told The Associated Press he was waiting with his wife to cross at an intersection near the fair when he was hit in the back of the head. Roffers said another man was lying in the street after being attacked until someone came along to help him.West Allis police said they sent a rescue squad to one of the scenes, but that their crew did not treat anyone. Police said the incidents happened in various areas near the fair grounds, including near the intersection of 84th and Adler streets.
State Fair Park CEO Rick Frenette told 12 News that 24 arrests were made on the grounds Thursday and seven State Fair Police officers were injured.
The news article above does/will not say that the attacking mob were blacks. But if you go onto the website and click on the news video, you can see the racial identity of the suspects yourself.
I found this TMJ4 news video on YouTube:

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0 responses to “Black Mob Attack at Wisconsin State Fair

  1. this bunch is old enough to know better-they need maximum punishment,and to be made examples of-for anyone else thinking of doing something this ridiculous.

  2. Expect a “hear no evil, See no evil” response from the MSM since this is not the first time an incident like this has happened. Go to Gateway Pundit he’s been doing articles about this for the past couple of months as mob youths going around robbing and destroying property. It’s almost like someone put them up to this.

    • Will,
      It’s not so preposterous an idea. I believe you’re onto something.
      Obama Foments Race War in America
      California Teacher Calls for Chicano Race Revolution
      ACORN CEO Calls for Immigration Race War
      When are you going back to being our Will instead of HeavyChevy? 😀

      • Sorry Eowyn I’m going back to Will it’s the whole “gravatar” thing when I log into it, it has me as heavyChevy. Its kind of weird looking at it here though since I’m used to seeing it on Newsbusters as my alias there.

    • Heavy,
      They’re too busy trying to convince us that the 500 point drop in the stock market is actually a positive development to notice much else.
      And I agree that this was probably orchestrated by somebody.

      • Dave someone is expecting…no dare I say it hoping that one of these so called poor…misguided youth pick the wrong person to mess with and get blown out of their socks then “tada” Obama, Janet, Eric Holder to the rescue with a massive lock-down on gun rights, 1st amendments and everything else under the sun. All for the sake of “keeping the peace” of course /s
        This stinks to high heaven and the Black community either does not have a clue or don’t care that they are being played.

    • Sage I want to be wrong…God knows I do but it seems to be pointing that way!

  3. Heavychevy your may be right about someone putting them up to this. There’s are groups who would like nothing more than to see a race war. Their goal is chaos and anarchy. Flash mob robbery and attacks are on the rise. Chicago has had their share lately, and it’s spreading. Watch your back whereever you go. It’s hard to tell when or where these things wil occur.

    • It’s the EEOC’s latest minority self-esteem program called Beat Whitey.

    • There are a lot of people heavily invested in a race war Linda and with Obama at the helm they went “all in” to get one started. If they fail they would be forced back under their rock preaching on the street corner from which they came while people walk by and laugh. The mask is off they cannot go back now so all the dirty tricks will be in full play.

  4. Dontch just love the mob mentality.
    Kind of reminds me of union goon (goonion) gatherings.

  5. Exactly what i’ve thought! All this political correctness and affirmative action has the sole purpose of fomenting a race against other.

  6. As an urban dweller I often witnessed a white teenager attempting to go blow to blow with a black guy. Rarely have I seen the brave white boy win, the reason is that blacks punch harder and that is all that counts in a quick street fight.

    • morristhewise all I can say is “Bernie Goetz”. I don’t care what people think about him he proved that the gun will always be the great “equalizer”.

  7. It is obama’s goal to pit people against one another. If you look around that is exactly what is happening.

  8. Im wondering if Obama made white people enslave and oppress black people? Oh no they just did that on their own. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. You think we forgot? We were just bidding our time whitey just bidding our time.

  9. It is so crazy how people forget, oh the fuck well whites get beat, for once just take we had to.

  10. I bet no one has a comment on what i have to say. The roles are being reversed and no longer will poor innocent black people stay on the sidelines. You made us this way, and karma is a mother fucker.

    • So you are looking for revenge.
      So is Obama.
      I was born in 1964 in Atlanta, Georgia, and have lived over half of my 47 years within the city limits of same.
      As such, I have friends from all over the racial, sexual, and political spectrum, and yet, despite the disagreements I have had with all of them on occasion, I have never once even considered resorting to physical violence.
      Take your primitive bullshit somewhere else, as perhaps you would be more comfortable hanging out with the 7th Century illiterate barbarian Muslims.
      They appear to be about your speed, and vice versa.

    • lowtechgrannie

      Indicagurl, forget the “black on white” violence. What about all the “black on black” violence? How do you justify that?

    • Here is your comment NO ONE WHO HAS NEVER INFLICTED HARM ON ANOTHER PERSON DESERVES TO BE ASSAULTED, NO ONE! This whole tired ass “look what we been through tripe” is old and worn out!
      If “A” attacks “B” do you retaliate on “Z” because “Z” is the same color as “A”?My God you are stupid, incredibly, incurably stupid! Your very thoughts are lazy!
      Do you approve of harming every white man, woman, and child who had nothing to do with slavery, racism, or any other bigotry because somewhere in your small mind we are getting back at them, even though those specific people done nothing to us? In that case maybe we should start bumping off black gang members as well for what they have been doing to us in our community, you know the drugs, shootings, rapes and murders, make since right? Oh no that’s right I forgot the White man made us do it so it’s not technically our fault.
      Karma works both ways indicagurl White people shoot back.

    • “Our turn” doesn’t make it right… that’s Third World thinking that keeps places there hellholes.

    • I have a comment: It’s people like you that keep the race war going and make African Americans look bad, like bitter, angry people that can’t rise above our nation’s past mistakes and move on to make a better life for yourself and others around you. MLK would be so ashamed of people like you.
      So sad you choose to play the “innocent” victim card instead of trying to be the best you can be and rise above the race war. A sense of self-esteem is needed for you to live your life the right way and embrace us all as one nation of people (radical Muslims excluded, of course).

    • You are one stupid n*gger. It is ignorance like yours that is going to cause a civil race war.

  11. I can see the meme now indicagurl just showed us a glimpse as to what the MSM will be running with when they will be forced to report on these attacks:
    Blacks on rampage blame slavery, civil rights, need more social justice!

  12. indicagurl I’m telling you this from the bottom of my heart this is a fight that will have no winners all the kids doing these assaults attack people who cannot or will not defend themselves and in their minds they will feel invincible. Soon they will want to find a bigger target thinking all white people are like this and soon go up against white people who shoot for a living (hunters, military, ex military, pro shooters etc…) and they will find out too late that not all white people will roll over and play dead for the sake of political correctness.

  13. Alright indicagurl we all comment but reply to me first and I swear the first usage of WMN I will tear your ass apart!

  14. Am I The Only One?

    White Conservatives and Tea Party members have been accused of being:
    Racist, Threat To America, Homophobes, Christian Finatics, and Right-Wing-Terrorist by Our Government and those in the Liberal Press!
    But As White Conservatives; “We Have Never Felt The Need To Just Gang-Fight-Blacks, Just For The Sport Of It!”

    • Pack-attacking people of another color is only “racist” if white people wearing sheets do it… for anybody else it’s justified “rage” at some thing or other of which white people could stand to receive more. Burn, baby burn! (Meanwhile there’s some white liberal getting all kinds of credibility and political support for encouraging or, at least, excusing this kind of thing.)

    • And then we are the racists!!! Im tired of this victimization of minorities… They get convinced that they are poor and innocent (how innocent are those kids at the mob? How innocent are the black panthers?) and instead of moving forward they stay stuck planning their racial vengeance.

  15. i am still waiting for my ass tearing will

  16. Momma gonna tuck you in tonight?

  17. Will,you’re the best! much admiration.

  18. Wisconsin has a new concealed-carry law, ya know
    What on earth are you folks waiting for… shoot them

  19. I find it very hypocritical for a group that blames all the woes on slavery,and then go on to idolize pimps..the modern day slave owner.
    And how many americans died to fight slavery in the civil war?
    But that’s not good enough.
    And who started slavery? And who ended it?
    Do you believe man started in africa?if so then that answers my first question.
    Did the american indian have slaves? YES. Did africans have slaves? YES.
    There is not one culture that hasn’t Wronged another at some point.most peoples were victims but from what I see only the blacks&browns remain victims of choice. Most whites can admit that they had a marred history.
    But not people of color they still want to forget all the crimes of humanity they have and still are perpatrating. Respond with examples of this fact.

  20. Right on Matt…Examples of this are very prevelent all over Africa today and in recent history…You have the mass genocide of thousands upon thousands of these africans by their own leaders simply because they wanted to take over some land they lived on, or because some of these people didnt agree with what the dictator wanted. These attrocities occurred in Uganda and Nigeria not that long ago. Not to mention the fact that if our American Ancestors had not brought these “slaves” to our country from Africa, they would be being murdered by their own leaders and neighbors, without any law for their attackers to answer to.
    I find it very interesting how these blacks (African Americans) seem to feel as though “they” were wronged by our forefathers, when in reality these “slaves” were often very grateful of their owners for taking care of them so well and treating them like human beings, something they did not have from their tribal leaders back in Africa.
    Let us not forget that our white ancestors did not go over to Africa and take these people against their will as slaves. These “slaves” own leaders approached our ancestors when they landed on the African continent and sold their own people into “slavery”. The only people that these blacks should be blaming for “slavery” is their own ancestors and leaders.
    Let us also not forget that nearly every white person in America has a history of “slavery” in their lineage. It is funny how uneducated people like this indicagurl do not know that almost all white immigrants were slaves when they came to this country, and that they had to work and fight for their freedom much more so than these blacks ever had to. Maybe these ignorant people should familiarize themselves with the term “INDENTURED SERVANT” and see what they find. I can guarantee this would definitely shut some of these ignorant young blacks mouths.
    Maybe it will open their eyes and save some closed minded complaining when they realize that our own white ancestors were abused and exploited on levels much worse than any of their black ancestors were ever exposed to. The main difference is you don’t hear any of us white people complaining of how our ancestors were exploited because we understand that they endured this abuse and exploitation to provide an opportunity for their descendants to live a life free of tyranny and oppression…..

  21. No roles are reversed. These mobs are just an uneducated minority of the black community. Regardless of your race, religion, gender, or country of origin, should you dare attack me or my family, you will find out what a .45 ACP hollow point feels like. Well, you may feel it for a short while.
    Stay vigilant and be oppressed by nobody.


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