Fiscal Cliff averted! And What's wrong with this story?

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The White House and congressional leaders have reached a deal to avert the fiscal cliff, a Democratic source familiar with the negotiations confirmed. The agreement includes a two-month delay of the sequester, which had been scheduled to begin on Jan. 2. President Barack Obama spoke with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi about the agreement and both leaders have signed off on it, according to the source.
Does Any one happen to see John Boehner’s name anywhere in this drivel?
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9 responses to “Fiscal Cliff averted! And What's wrong with this story?

  1. Boehner’s name isn’t on it because now “the deal” goes to the House for approval.

    • Pretty much…

    • Thank you Steve for telling us about this “deal” drafted by the king and his regime. All of this is so despicable, not even minutely addressing the very real and horrible economic problems in our country. Sickening!

      • Your welcome Joan.. I think. LOL hate to be the bearer of such crumby news.
        Set up. Bama, Reid, and Pelosi all agree. so they have a deal.
        That was my point . Without Boehner and house you have no deal. Then why did they mention Pelosi. Cause then they can dump everything on GOP.

  2. That’s how it struck me last night while watching a re-run of Hawaii Five-O. The screen moved the show aside for a moment to announce the “good” news.
    I noticed the following headline on a local Boston news channel’s website: “Fiscal cliff now up to the House.” It was obvious from the start that Commander Zero was going to shift blame to the only people standing up to rescue the nation.

  3. It’s not a done deal. The Republicans are not going to knuckle under to the Senate. It’s the House that controls the purse strings and if Boehner has any cajones at all, he’ll tell them to pack it.

  4. Bohner has none, So the gang of three have what they want. You think if a deal was reached this late in the deal all would announce.

  5. Laurel Federbush

    Good point! It appears the Democrats have finally reached a deal…

  6. Noone has mentioned that the people who avoid paying tax for the most part, such as corporations who have their HQs overseas and Wall Street traders etc who pay zero tax are not part of this cliff thingy. Taxing people’s worthless incomes is center stage, and those who have drained the economy and who continue to expect a free pass are sitting safely in the bleachers, cheering on the Congress as they mull over how best to commit genocide of the US population, as is the case in Greece and the Syrians who are being murdered by the terrorists that at funded by our Congress who fake concern over the fiscal cliff that they themselves signed into law. And they are thinking of getting a pay raise?Why re we allowing them to get away with this?


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