Brainwashing – Part 2

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0 responses to “Brainwashing – Part 2

  1. So, so sad, but it’s the logical, inevitable conclusion to a Materialist education: Man is the problem/enemy. Within such a framework where Man is just another animal, it is reasonable that his activity should limited and his number reduced, by force. We can dismiss this as just a well-meaning but misguided young student who loves animals and nature, but we’d be wrong. Think of how many adults you’ve seen recently in places of power and prestige who say the same thing. The “zero population growth” type groups of the past were so wacky and fringe, but their agenda is now mainstream under the cloak of Climate Change and our kids are immersed in it.
    I wonder what her smiling, adoring mom was really thinking as she heard her daughter utter such dark insanity.

  2. …Galt Elementary….oh,the irony. Now she’s off to urge her parent(s)
    to vote for The One or Algore to save the polar bears. “Forward.”…
    or as some wag observed :it should be “Barackward”

  3. lowtechgrannie

    My brother-in-law is a timber cruiser, 2nd generation. He’s been working in the logging industry since he was 12 years old helping his dad survey for logging roads. Imagine what he thought when his 5-year old came home from kindergarten one day and told him, “Everytime you use a piece of paper, a tree has to die.”

  4. What a load of bs. Humans are the only creatures with souls, and animals and plants are here to serve US. Obviously it’s a sin to torture an animal, but the bottom line is OUR welfare trumps that of animals and plants EVERY TIME.

  5. “Sometimes I wish we didn’t exist”? And her mom stands by her smiling? Sick.
    Wonder if she doesn’t mind the polluting as her mom drives her to school, soccer, friends, classes, etc. Or maybe she is so concerned she walks/bikes everywhere….right.


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