Braindead Obamabots say they'd already seen the POS's inauguration

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The inauguration of the POS to a second 4-year term as POTUS will be this coming Monday, January 21, 2013, but these Obama voters say they’d already seen his inauguration!

That’s why we call them Obamabot sheeple.

lining up early

God help us.
H/t Patriot Action Network

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0 responses to “Braindead Obamabots say they'd already seen the POS's inauguration

  1. It’s frightening the number of dangerously stupid people in this country.

  2. That is breath taking stupidity!

  3. Well the movie “Idiocracy” is certainly coming true isn’t it! We have a huge base of illiterate, uninformed people who now control our government with their baseless votes! It seems America’s potential as a “powerful, progressive nation” is now only an elusive dream for us!

  4. Good grief!

  5. These people have “mush” for brains…….and this country is full of them……

  6. This is something I really can’t understand. Why do these people lie?? And how can they lie like that on tv?? Everyone they know is now aware that they are liars. I simply can’t get it.

  7. Ha ha! Dumb-assed, cloven-hoofers! No doubt many of them grazing off the dwindling, verdant pastures of the public dole too. Sheep dogs would be better employed elsewhere because these sheeple are a total waste of oxygen and green grass!
    These clueless morons pulled the wool over their own eyes. They’re stupid!
    “Baa! Baahahahahahahahahaha!!!”

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. I know I am late in responding and the inauguration is over. But I am not surprised how these people have no clue. Yesterday was a day of mourning for our country.


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